Why Does Terrorism Occur?

Terrorism may be defined as the organized use of terror to induce fear in the general public and this fear induction is the primary objective risk of the terrorists for the human race globally. Commonly terrorism refers only to the acts which are intended to generate fear and are committed for an intended goal.

Some General Cause of terrorism and the intended motives:

1. The most widespread cause of terrorism is self dissatisfaction with a political or social policy or the fraternity itself and an inability of the host to change it with non-violent means. Thus the hosts become terrorists as they consider the existing position of the world is not as it was intended to be, and they accuse a specific group for this situation.

terrorism-occur2. Sometimes it happens so that small clusters of terrorists who have basically no army or ammunitions or weapons, but still desire to frame the world according to them but their goal is unachievable by themselves. So they approach to commend sensational and offensive attacks against the group they speak ill of, attracting them to attack them back the broader organization which they claim they are a part of. This provokes the broader group to act against the enemy, thus giving the smaller group of terrorists a chance for achieving their goal.

3. Sometimes terrorism results when terrorism and religion are mingled together. Terrorists use this objective when they believe that there is no other way to affect the kind of alteration they crave. This change is craved so badly that the failure to achieve alteration is seen in terms more evil than that if the deaths of civilians. When a political kick when is incorporated into the scaffold of a religious fight, the nationalism becomes connected with spiritual failure, which is worse than the deaths of innocent civilians or their own death.

4. Sometimes the terrorism is carried out in such a way as to maximize the severity and duration of the psychological impact & fear. Each act of terrorism is a “feat” worked out to have a greater impact on huge population. Terrorists may attack national symbols, monuments and sites, to show power and to try to shake the underpinning of the country or society they are opposed to. This often results in the negative influence on a government, while increasing the esteem of the given terrorist organization behind a terrorist act.

Changing face of terrorism:

Terrorism is expanding from past a few decades due to the combined aspects of the human nature and increasing world-wide communication networks. Terrorism intends to spread fear and terror among the general public, not the brutality, and spreading fear needs communication. The more efficient is the communication works, the more crusades the terrorism has. Otherwise terrorism without communication would be useless for the terrorist and will not suffice the desired impact of unscrupulous activities.

However, the key idea of terrorism is not to amplify the casualty rate, but to establish this irrational fear amongst the general public. The consequences of terrorist actions are not as large before this worldwide communications came into play. Hence one can say that world-wide communication is a serious catalyst for terrorism and makes it more effectual now. Many more people get scared with a single act. The basic trouble is that media as well as certain politicians gain too much benefit from the existence of terrorism and is hailed and detained by administration authorities to win electoral power, curb civil rights, so the harmful widespread publicity often outfits both the governments being targeted and the people carrying out the attacks. It has been practiced by ruling and opposition political parties, nationalistic assemblage, religious cluster, revolutionaries, and ruling governments. This flaw of the social fraternity serves as the foremost action catalyst in committing terrorism.

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Usman Mohammed wrote:

The major cause of terrorism is American foreign policy in the middle east in moral, financial and political support on Israel.

Usman Kangiwa wrote:

The world most popular terrorist are America and Israel for their atrocities in the world.

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