6 Awesome Fat Anime Characters

Fat anime characters aren’t usually portrayed as villains. In the popular series My Hero Academia, for example, the main character, Tamako, is overweight, but she still enjoys good meals and is a good friend. The size of Tamako is not a big deal in the series, and her friends accept her exactly as she is.

Porco Rosso

It isn’t hard to see why this anime is popular. The plot centers around a human pilot who has been cursed to live as a pig. Porco Rosso was a former flying ace in the Italian air force before an evil sorcerer turned him into a giant pig. Now he is on a quest for love and a cure for his curse.

The story is a mix of realistic and fantastical elements. For example, the setting is a small island above the pale blue Adriatic Sea, far enough from the Italian mainland for a lot of shady activities to take place. Despite this, Miyazaki manages to create a rich and compelling world, where the gentry travels offshore in seaplanes for dinner parties and gambling excursions.



Hanako Ohtani

The first appearance of Hanako Ohtani in Fatal Attraction was a few days earlier than in the original series. She is accidentally asked out on a motorcycle date by Yosuke, but she is too heavy to ride on his scooter. As a result, he must hitch a ride with Kanji. While he feels resentful for the accident, he is forced to face her at a campout. Even though he feels that Hanako is responsible for his scooter’s damage, Hanako still falls for him and Mystery Food X.

While most anime characters are thin, it is nice to see a fat character once in a while. Fat anime characters can be very interesting and well-developed, and can bring a refreshing change to the genre.



Jousuke Udono

Jousuke Udono is characterized by his overweight body. He is the portly best friend of Gennosuke and faces a colossal rejection rate from ladies. His rubbery body is also an open invitation to sneak attacks. He is not particularly good at fighting but is good at deflection.

While the Japanese are not especially fat or overweight, anime characters are often fat. As such, anime tends to fall back on stereotypes to depict overweight people. Most obese male characters in anime are overweight nerds or outcasts. In contrast, thicker adult males are usually serious officials.




Kae Serinuma

Kae Serinuma is a chubby second-year high school student and anime fan. She has the stereotypical otaku build and loves to ship hot guys. She is often seen with a hot guy and has a lot of friends – her best friend is also a fujoshi! However, after her favorite anime character dies, she locks herself in her room and loses weight. She eventually comes out of her room looking like a thin, beautiful woman!

While the manga series often focuses on thin characters, this isn’t always the case. In the manga series, Kae’s weight fluctuates. During the series, she loses weight to gain an eye-catching figure. She also ditches her glasses, revealing her blue-green eyes. Despite her weight loss, she retains her fashion sense.



Good Buu

In the Dragon Ball Z anime series, Buu has two forms: the Fat and the Evil Buu. The Fat Buu is fat and rotund while the Evil Buu is skinny and full of malice. The Super Buu is a mix of the Fat and Evil Buu. This form is more powerful and can absorb energy from enemies. It can also be used to transform into a different form, known as Kid Buu.

In the Dragon Ball Z anime, the main character is Goku. Goku has two voices: the original Japanese voice of Goku is done by Mami Koyama, and the English dub is done by Meredith McCoy and Edie Mirman.





Fat anime characters are often seen as stereotypes in Japan. There are very few obese or overweight people in the country, and many anime rely on stereotypes in order to create their stories. Fat anime characters are typically overweight, nerdy, or outcasts. Some fat anime characters are subtly larger than the rest of the cast, but this stereotype isn’t universal.

In this manga, we meet Nana, Serinuma’s best friend and classmate, who initially treated Serinuma rudely before she lost weight. However, after she started losing weight, his feelings changed and he eventually became more accepting of Serinuma. Their relationship is ultimately successful, and the two marry and have a son, Shion. The Igarashi aren’t the only characters with similar stories in the anime, however.



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