How To Get Rid Of Chiggers?

Chiggers – we all know about them and have experience the discomfort of chigger bites. But did you know that the other name for these tiny, tiny pests is harvest mite. Chiggers are part of the arachnid family, along with spiders. Larvae of chiggers hatch in the grass and on leaves then transfer to the … Read more

How To Get Rid Of Leaf Rollers?

This discussion has nothing to do with the skilled men and women who create premium cigars. It certainly doesn’t deal with the practice of “rolling your own” smokes. No, what we are interested in has to do with garden plants and other leafy vegetation that is attacked by small insects. These tiny pests are commonly … Read more

How To Get Rid Of Crayfish?

Crayfish can be part of a tasty feast, but they can also become quite the pest along the waterways where they live. Their burrows will slow down water flow along the banks, and when they multiple too quickly, they can cause damage to a body of water. They can even find their way into lawns … Read more

How To Get Rid Of Mongeese?

If you say the word, “mongoose”, many people will come back with Rikki-Tikki-Tavi, the heroic pet of the Rudyard Kipling story from The Jungle Book. Other people may be familiar with the mongoose versus snake fights that are roadside attractions in India and Japan. However, in reality, mongooses do not make good pets as they … Read more

How Is Bat Different From Birds?

The bat can fly but it is not considered as a bird. It is a mammal as it gives birth to young ones and feed them with mother’s milk. Bat has hair on its body, but it is the only mammal which has wings for flying. It is revealed from the study of fossils that … Read more

What Are Mammals?

The animals which give birth to their young ones and suckle them are known as mammals. Mammals are vertebrates and have mammary glands to feed their young ones with milk from these glands. They have lungs to respire. Mammals are warm blooded animals and have hairs on their body. The animals that come under this … Read more

Where Do Frogs Disappear In Winter?

Frog comes under the class of amphibians as it can live both in water and on land. Usually it is found in water pits, ponds, moist grass and water drains. We can hear the croaking of frogs around these places during the monsoon. We can not see them from October to February. Let us study … Read more

Which Are Warm And Cold Blooded Creatures?

We can classify the living beings into two categories- the cold blooded and warm blooded due to their body temperature. The body temperature of cold blooded creatures keeps on changing according to the surroundings. In summer season the body temperature of cold blooded creatures become high and it becomes low in winter. It changes even … Read more

Which Animals Resemble Man?

There are some animals like chimpanzee, gorilla and orangutan, which look like a man in several respects. They look like tailless monkeys. They come under the category of ‘anthropoid. They are mostly found in the dense forest of Asia and Africa. In resemblance, chimpanzee is very close to man as compare to other animals. Actually, … Read more

Which Medicines Are Obtained From Animals?

There are millions of different types of animals have been studied by the scientists. Many useful things like milk, meat, eggs etc. are obtained by these animals. Medicines are also obtained by these animals for the treatment of many diseases. Let us study which medicines are obtained from animals. A medicine named ‘Epinepherin’ was discovered … Read more

How To Get Rid Of Dog Mange?

Dogs are called Man’s Best Friend for good reason. No creature is more loyal, loving and hard working than the dog. So we want to take care of our dogs. A common health problem seen in dogs is mange. Mange is a parasitic infestation caused by microscopic mites that invade the dog’s body causing severe … Read more

Why Does A Koel (Cuckoo) Sing Only In Spring?

In spring season, we often hear the musical or sweet voice of koel. We think that this sweet voice is produced by female koel. However, this sweet and musical sound is produced by male koel. Both the male and the female koels do not resemble with each other. The color of male koel is black … Read more

How Does A Firefly (Glowworm) Glow At Night?

Children like to sea the glowing fireflies or glowworm at night as they present a wonderful light at night. From the very beginning the scientists have engaged to find the cause how and why light is emitted by the fireflies. In fact the firefly is a flying worm as they have wings. They have soft … Read more

How Does A Wall Lizard Get Rid Of Its Tail?

When an enemy of wall lizard attacks it, it runs away from there to protect it and leaves behind some part of its tail. The separated tail keeps on moving from side to side for sometime. The enemy gets confused to see it and the wall lizard get escaped from there. In this way the … Read more

Which Animals Belong To The Cat Family?

This fact is known to all that the lion and the cat resemble each other in several respects. The animals like lion, tiger, puma, panther, cheetah, wild cat etc. belong to cat family according to life sciences and we call them as felines. They resemble each other by their nature and physical appearance. We can … Read more

Does Any Bird Eat Stone?

There is only one bird, ostrich that can eat stones. It can even eat the small pieces of iron. It is consider as a greedy bird. Normally the main food of ostrich is seeds, plants and berry. As it can digest all the things easily therefore it can eat iron pieces and stones. The ostrich … Read more

Why Do Whales Sing?

Some people not familiar with these huge mammals that live in the sea may not believe that whales actually “sing” when they make sounds. But the variety of sounds whales make have been dubbed “songs” by marine biologists and whale enthusiasts so the term stuck. Studies have shown that whales use their sounds as a … Read more