What Does it Mean When You Dream About Someone?

When you dream about someone, it activates your unconscious mind and can mean many things. It can represent a significant event or situation in your life. Your feelings about this person may also be a factor. If you dream about a menacing figure, for example, it may symbolize something insurmountable that you need to face. … Read more

How Do Plants Grow?

Many people feel curios about knowing the growing patterns of different plants. If you also want to understand the growth phenomenon of the plants, then this article can help you a lot. More then 350,000 species of the plants (underwater plants and ground plants) are known till now. Plants also follow the concept of “survival … Read more

What Is Preimplantation Genetics Diagonsis (PGD)?

Preimplantation Genetics Diagnosis (PGD) is the medical term for a procedure that takes place before an embryo is placed into the mother’s body. In basic terms, PGD is the process of screening the embryo for the possibility of certain diseases. This allows the pregnancy to continue without the fear that it may have to be … Read more

Why Are People Cutting Down Rainforests?

It may be hard to understand if you are a person who cherishes the natural resources of the Earth, but people cut down rainforests because of the money. Of course, there are several categories under this general term, but all of them have their roots in someone making money by using the land the rainforests … Read more

What Is DNA?

One scientist categorized DNA as the “stuff of life.” The initials stand for deoxyribonucleic acid and this essential nucleic acid is most certainly the stuff that makes life possible. It holds the “instructions” that guide the functions and the development of all living things. Some view DNA as the place where life’s information is stored. … Read more

What Is Genome Mapping?

Improvement in medical and research technology in the past few years has brought genome mapping to the forefront in several crucial areas. The basis of this process is a “map” of the genetic structure of an individual organism. Essentially, the system of mapping involves deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and another of the basic pieces of identification … Read more

What Is Photosynthesis?

Photosynthesis is not something that just happens in a few seconds and is complete. It goes on throughout the day and even into the night hours. This is an ongoing process in which plants use sunlight or certain artificial light, and convert the energy into a sugar known as glucose. According to encyclopedia entries the … Read more

What Is Fungus?

Fungi are achlorophyll and avascular organisms which provide connecting link between plants and animals. They were earlier placed among plants but their position was controversial. It is hard to categorize generalized features of fungi. As they lack chlorophyll they cannot make their own food. So they depend on outside for their food source. They have … Read more

What Is Bacteria?

Bacteria are minute, microscopic and unicellular organisms. They are of primitive type and are present everywhere. They were the first living organism and we come in contact with them in everyday life. We are familiar with that species of bacteria which cause infection. Other species of bacteria are quite unexplored. Scientists have shown a lot … Read more

What Can We Do To Preserve The Forest?

Some might argue that the answer is quite simple: stop cutting the trees down and that alone will protect the forest. But there are a lot of people on the other side of the issue who want to cut the trees and clear forests for “development.” A few years ago, one of the U.S. government’s … Read more

What Is Mitochondria?

These are membrane bound organelle which liberates energy. They are known as power houses. ATP is the most common form of liberation of energy. They have their own DNA. They constitute nearly one fifth of total volume of cell. It has folded membrane known as cristae. Folded membrane provides large surface area for production of … Read more

What Is Live Stock?

Live stock is defined as a use of domestic animals so that house hold products like food, textiles, labor can be obtained. It includes horses, pigs, cows, sheep etc. Man and live stock have existed together for time immemorial. The rise of agriculture has played an important role in it. Live stock has different meanings. … Read more

Why Is The Colour Of Leaves Green?

In plants the new born leaves look pink in colour but later on they turn green. Let us study the reason behind it. It is known to all that the colour of a substance depends on the absorption and reflection of different colours of light. There are some substances in the leaves which give colour … Read more

How Do Flowers Produce Seeds?

We all know that seeds produce from flowers and the plants grow from seeds, is a never ending cycle of nature. We all like flowers but do not understand their importance. Fruits are also produced from the flowers. The transfer of pollens from anther to stigma is known as ‘pollination’. It is necessary to know … Read more

Why Do Flowers Have Fragrance?

We are enchanted by the fragrance of flowers in the spring season when we pass through a garden. Nature has gifted many things to the flowers like beauty, nectar, attractive colours and fragrance. The flies and the insects get attracted towards the flowers and then sit on them. They help in pollination by carrying the … Read more

Why Do Trees Shed Their Leaves?

In autumn season most of the plants and trees shed their leaves whereas in spring season the new leaves grow on them. The trees look barren after the falling of leaves in autumn. These types of trees which shed their leaves every year are known as ‘deciduous trees’. On the other hand there are some … Read more

Why Do Some Plants Eat Insects?

There are some plants which make their own food but depend on insects for nitrogenous food are called insectivorous plants. These plants derive their nutrition partly from the soil and the atmosphere and partly from small insects. For example pitcher plant, bladderwort and sundew. Pitcher plant is one of the most famous carnivorous plants. The … Read more