Black Clover to Return From On July 31st

Black Clover is finally returning from its hiatus which started earlier this year. The official Viz Media website has Black Clover Chapter 332 listed for issue #35 which is scheduled for 31st July. Neither Yūki Tabata nor Shueisha have verified this statement, but as the listing still remains up, fans seem certain that Black Clover is finally back.

The next chapter is said to kick-off the final Arc of the manga. It may be the last but it won’t be ending anytime soon as Tabata had announced that the last arc will go on for quite sometime. With the anime getting a continuation movie as well, things just keep getting brighter and brighter for Black Clover. A deserved recognition in every respect, a statement only day-one fans could agree with.

Most of us thought Black Clover will continue for a long time, and that seemed to be the intended line of sight as well. But in current times, barely any anime has gone on for long. Recently, My Hero Academia’s creator also announced that he was going to end the manga after the current arc, even though he previously stated that he’d planned on making the series as long as Naruto. Maybe a lack of an extremely large fanbase might be partly responsible but we’ll never be sure. Naruto, One Piece, and Detective Conan only seem to be the anime which stood the test of time.

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It’d be no overstatement that Black Clover has had a terrific run so far, though that wasn’t always the case. It initially received criticism from most watchers, some called it out as bland, and others just labelled it as a boring Shōnen. But as the story kept progressing Tabata kept putting out chapters that developed the characters heavily in ways never seen before. And after a period of struggle, the anime’s story and ratings took off. Finally becoming the well respected anime we know it as today.

So are you excited for Black Clover’s return? We’d love to hear about your hype, so tell us in the comments!

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