Can Some Marine Creature Talk Like Us?

Porpoise is an aquatic animal that imitates man in several respects. In appearance it looks like a fish but it does not come in the category of fish. It comes in the category of mammals as it gives birth to young ones and feed them. Dolphin, whale and porpoise come under this category. Porpoise breathe through lungs as gills are absent in its body. On the head of the porpoise there is a hole which is called as a nose. For breathing it brings its head above the surface of water and breathes through the nose. It is mostly found in the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans. The color of its body is either brown or black. Its tail is in flat position. The length of its body is up to 1.75 metres. There are about 80 to 100 teeth in its mouth. The porpoise is the cleverest animal and is specialist in imitating a man. It can imitate human voice. In the marine studio of Florida, there is porpoise which speaks in human voice.

From the jaws and the head of the porpoise, a special type of oil is taken out, which is used for greasing the valuable equipments and the parts of the watches. As porpoise is the cleverest animal therefore many experiments have been performed by the scientists to test the cleverness of porpoise.

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