Are Steel Car Ramps Safe?

Are steel car ramps safe? This article compares the safety of steel car ramps with high-density foam, plastic, and rubber car ramps. The purpose of this article is to help you decide which type of ramp is right for your needs. Read on to learn more! You can also learn how to install a steel … Read more

When Was The First Car Made?

Most people around the world know about the major car companies such as Ford, Chevrolet, Mercedes-Benz, Citroen and the numerous Japanese companies. With these well-known firms dominating the world of automobiles today, some may believe that someone connected with one of these businesses came up with original idea for a motorized vehicle. But the history … Read more

When Is The Best Time To Buy A Car?

First of all, anyone who is considering buying a car should think carefully about the purchase. The initial cost of the vehicle combined with maintenance and operating costs make this one of the largest purchases anyone will make in his or her life. This is why it is important to recognize the best time to … Read more

What Are LAM (Look At Me) Cars?

Look at me cars are not just cars, contrary to what many may think. More commonly known as LAM cars, this actually seems to be a social phenomenon with outrageous and beautiful vehicles at its core. First and foremost, those who are taking part in the LAM phenomenon are running for all their worth after … Read more

What Are Water Fuelled Cars?

Fuel is depleting day by day. But human civilization can’t afford to survive without availability of fuel, because it is so much penetrated in daily day life, like in automobiles, industries etc. 85 % of the fuel consumed in the world is used in automobiles in form of petroleum and gases. But these sources of … Read more

What Is A CRDI Engine?

Most of the people who used to be called “gearheads” will at least be familiar with the term CRDI and how it applies to engines for cars and trucks. The letters stand for common rail direct injection, which is a fairly recent design for diesel engines that may also be suitable for passenger automobiles. Though … Read more

What Is Wheel Balancing?

Wheel balancing is a separate issue from wheel alignment, with different adjustments and measurements, as well as different symptoms for wheels that are out of balance. Essentially, when a car’s wheels are correctly balanced they will rotate with vibration. The simple explanation of wheel balancing includes reference to spots on the wheel and/or tire that … Read more

What Is Wheel Alignment?

Wheel alignment refers to the condition and status of the wheels on an automobile. In simple terms, the wheels should be straight and in line with one another for the car to travel smoothly. With wheel alignment, it’s all a matter of angles. Two common key terms that apply to wheel alignment are perpendicular (straight … Read more

How Does GPS Work?

The heart of the global positioning system (GPS) is the satellite that orbits the earth sending signals to GPS equipment on the ground. As this system has developed in recent years, manufacturers have fine-tuned receivers to the point that they provide accurate location information for almost any situation. The key thing to remember about GPS … Read more

How To Get Rid Of Car Scratches?

With most minor scratches and minor scratches in a car’s paint job, the owner has the opportunity to improve the appearance without the expense of a professional body shop. Of course, you will have to purchase the correct supplies to do the job correctly. Basically, the purchase of some special car compound and primer paint … Read more

What Are Airplanes Made Of?

The simple answer might be: anything. Airplanes have been made of all sorts of material over the past 100+ years, though aluminum and other sheet metals have been the most popular choices. The basic description of an airplane includes a body made of a strong but light metal that keeps the weight of the plane … Read more

What Is Black Box?

The black box for the aviation industry was first designed in 1939 by David Warren of the Aeronautical Research Laboratories of Melbourne, Australia. These are painted a bright color and not black so that they may be easily located after a plane crash. Black boxes are commonly used on both commercial and other aircraft. The … Read more

How Fast are The Airplanes?

The question can be put in two ways: how fast do airplanes go? And how fast can they go? Both require slightly different answers. How fast do airplanes go? The answer would be a general one because many governments around the world keep their true military power a secret. There are some facts that are … Read more

Who Invented Automobile?

Official history credits Carl Friedrich Benz, a German engineer, as the inventor of first automobile. He was granted a patent in 1886 and his car had three wheels and it was powered by a 600W (0.8 hp), 600cc, water cooled internal combustion engine which could take the car to 16km/h. But this is what the … Read more

How Safe Are The Airplanes?

This question has been asked since the very first airplanes took off, and the very first airlines were established. A lot of people suffer from the fear of flying or traveling on airplanes and consider it safer to travel by car or train than by air. Aircraft crashes or disappearances only add fuel to the … Read more

How To Get Rid Of Windshield Glare?

Windshield glare can be very dangerous. In the modern world, being able to see clearly when driving a car may be as important as anything we do. In fact, there should be no alternative to having a clean windshield and a clear view of what lies ahead. Windshield glare can be caused by sunlight or … Read more

What Are The Ten Fastest Cars In The World?

(1)Barabus TKR: The car was displayed for the first time at British International Motor Show in 2006 after ten years of development. The car is designed by Barabus Sportscars Limited and it can get from rest to the 96km/h in 1.67 seconds and its 1005 horse power engines gives it a top speed of over 430 … Read more