10+ Code Geass Characters Ranked from Strongest to Weakest

Geass: The Power of Kings. The power used by certain individuals in Code Geass to accomplish that which would be almost impossible to do on their own.

But kings are not equal.

Which of these amazing powers has the highest potential to inflict great change?

Here are the 12 Geass users (whose Geass is known) with their Geass ranked.

(Note: The Geass included in this list are only those from the main Anime, Akito the Exiled, and the movie “Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re;surrection”. Any Geass exclusive to the manga spinoffs/mini-stories and games are not included)

12. Shin Hyuga Shaing

Geass Effect: Forces the people he loves to kill themselves.


  • (Possibly) Requires eye contact

This is pretty much the only Geass that I’d consider useless or even simply downright bad to have (sorry Shin). You’d have to have a really messed up mindset to find a power that kills the people you care for useful (not sorry Shin).

11. Bismarck Waldstein

Geass Effect: Allows the user to see into the immediate future.


  • The user can only see up to a few seconds max into the future.

Bismarck’s power looks and sounds cool but when you think about it, it’s not a very practical one. The only times it’ll even come in handy is in combat, and only to those who are extremely skilled enough to do react to it. For non-fighters, this Geass will probably hardly be of any use.

10. Leila Malcal

Geass Effect: Connects people’s minds (connected people can telepathically communicate over an undefined distance).


  • None known.

Leila’s Geass is definitely a useful one. The only reason it’s this low in the list is that communicating with someone far away is something a pair of in-ear communications devices (or even just a phone) can do as well. If someone with the exact same power had it in a time when long-distance communication was more difficult, it would’ve been way more useful.

Of course, her Geass isn’t just used for communication, it allows people to know each other’s thoughts which is cool. But not really that useful since you can’t use it on an enemy as they’ll know your thoughts as well.

9. Swaile Qujappat

Geass Effect: Alters people’s perception and makes them see enemies as allies and vice versa.


  • None known.

In the hands of the right user, this power can be really good. Swaile was shown only to use this Geass in combat which is great until the enemy figures the trick out.

Though, to be honest it’s a pretty tricky power because if you want to use it for espionage, you’ll have to act exactly like your target so as not to arouse suspicion.

8. Marianne vi Britannia

Geass Effect: Allows the user to transfer their spirit to another person. They retain the power to use their Geass in their new host. They can also return to their previous body if it remains intact.


  • (Suspected) Requires eye contact

A devious power that can make you effectively immortal. I can’t deny its usefulness. There are a ton of ways to use this power to get what you want or to beat a foe in battle.

It can be used to destroy a person’s body before reverting back to your original body to kill someone without a fight or to hide among enemies to spy on them.

7. Rolo Lamperouge

Geass Effect: Stops the perception of time of everyone but the user in a sphere. The sphere will be generated from the user outwards. The size of the sphere can be altered by the user.


  • The user’s heart would stop for as long as the Geass is active.
  • The larger the sphere, the more exhausting it is for the user.

This Geass has possibly the worst side-effect out of all of them. I mean, if it weren’t for that, this might’ve been one of the best in the Anime. Stopping your heart just doesn’t seem worth it.

Here are some numbers to consider: A person can experience brain damage if their heart has stopped for 5 minutes. Once their heart’s 8 minutes, it becomes fatal with your chances of dying increasing by the second. Sure, stopping people’s movements for even just a minute seems like plenty right? But that’s only if you can even get anything done because as you can probably imagine, doing anything while under cardiac arrest must be excruciating.

You don’t have to take my word for it, just take a look at what happened to Rolo.

6. C.C.

Geass Effect: The user can make people love them.


  • None known.

In the cruel world of Code Geass (though the real world’s not exactly sunshine and unicorns either), a power like this can guarantee your safety for as long as you live.

But, like in C.C.’s case, it can get awfully boring to only people who completely adore you around you. Also, you’d never know who genuinely liked and loved you. It’s a pretty tragic power to have in my opinion.

5. Unnamed Child

Geass Effect: Allows the user to control a person’s body with hand gestures.


  • (Suspected) Requires eye contact

This is the Geass from one of the children in the Geass Order. Little is truly known about this power as we only see it in use once. But if the only limitation really is just initial eye contact, there’s a ton of potential with this one.

4. Shamna

Geass Effect: Upon death, the user will travel 6 hours back in time with knowledge of the future they just lived.


  • None known.

An amazing Geass that can let you get out of almost any situation, even against other Geass users. Does it make much sense as a Geass? No. But regardless, it’s one of the most broken powers you can have.

3. Mao

Geass Effect: Allows the user to read the minds of people within 500 meters. Can also focus the power on targets to read deeper thoughts and even memories.


  • When focused on a target, the user may not be able to keep properly reading the minds of other people in the area.

We’ve seen the power to read minds in multiple fictional stories and we all know how useful it can be in the hands of the right person. There’s no need to further explain why Mao’s Geass is so high up the list.

2. Lelouch vi Britannia

Geass Effect: Allows the user to issue commands that a target is forced to follow to the best of their capabilities. Any number of commands can be issued as long as eye contact is kept but once eye contact is broken, no further can be given to the target.


  • Requires eye contact.
  • Can only be used on a person once.
  • The target must be within 272 meters of the user.
  • All commands must be verbally issued (not written, signed, etc.)

Lulu’s very own Geass, and one of the best in the show. It may have a ton of limitations (well, potentially every Geass has about as many limitations and we just don’t know about it) but Lelouch’s Geass is like an OP character who gets constantly nerfed but still constantly makes the meta.

1. Charles zi Britannia

Geass Effect: Allows the user to alter a person’s memory any way they wanted to. Even changing their memories to make a person’s mind think that it has lost some of its senses like sight.


  • Requires eye contact.

Here it is, the most broken Geass in the Anime, with this power, you can basically have the Lelouch’s Geass without the once-per-person rule. Just alter a person’s memory and make them remember you as their master.

It’s also an effective Geass canceller as the user can make other Geass users forget they even had the Geass in the first place.


And that’s that, which Power of the Kings in Code Geass do YOU think is best? Comment down below and let me know!


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