Define International Marketing? What are Specific duties of the International Marketing?

Marketing is clearly known as an organizational function and set of processes for creating, communicating and delivering value to the customers and managing the customer relationship in such a way that is beneficial for the both the organization and all its stakeholders. Marketing when crosses domestic boarder, it turns into the international marketing.

International marketing (IM) is also known as global marketing. It simply refers to the marketing carried out by organizations, across the national borderlines. This strategy basically uses an extension of various techniques that are used in home country of an organization. It simply refers to the organizational-level marketing practices across the domestic border including the market identification and market targeting, selection of entry mode, marketing mix decision and strategic decisions in order to compete in the international markets. According to the notification of American Marketing Association (AMA) “international marketing is a multinational process of planning and then executing the pricing, conception, promotion and finally the distribution of goods, services and ideas in order to create the exchanges that satisfy organizational and individual objectives.” We can easily find that only the word “multinational” has been added by AMA in the definition of marketing, to define the concept if international marketing.

In most simple words international marketing is nothing but an application of common marketing principles to multinational boundaries.

Why marketing efforts/modes needs to be changed with the country?
There are many differences between the international marketing and domestic marketing. Due to the language barrier it is very tedious to obtain and then to interpret the research data in international marketing. Promotional messages are also required to be changed with changed country due to the numerous cultural differences between different countries. This includes the differences in expressions, languages, gestures, habits, ideologies etc. For example, in the United States of America the round O sign made with the thumb and with the first finger means “okay” but in many Mediterranean countries, same gesture means “the worst” or zero”. Similarly, In Tunisia it is aggressively understood as “I’ll kill you” for Japanese consumer it means “money”. So, now we can easily feel the difference.

Specific duties of the International Marketing depend upon the exact occupation, but someone who is working in this field will be responsible for one of the following jobs-

1. Specific duties of the International Marketing depend upon the exact occupation, but someone who is working in this field will be responsible for one of the following jobs-
2. Locating the foreign markets
3. Preparing contracts after negotiation
4. Deal with transportation and shipping, port authority, customs and letters of credit
5. Finding and then evaluating the foreign distributors and customers.
6. Visiting various foreign markets on order to discuss the business strategies with the foreign partners and distributors
7. Producing the promotional material, including web pages and mailings
8. Monitoring the competitive activities
9. Defining the products and installing prices
10. Conducting detailed market analysis
11. Enhancing and maintaining the customer relations
12. Keeping a track of the products through manufacturing and development process
13. Finding the low-cost foreign sources for various products and components

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