Does Naruto Die in Boruto?

Does Naruto die in Boruto? – The answer is “maybe”, but why? Kishimoto has hinted at it on numerous occasions. While it would certainly cause a stir in the anime community and receive mixed reviews, there was no need to kill the character just to keep the series going. And while killing Naruto would give Boruto some character development, it wouldn’t be the best option.

Naruto’s death

The scene at the end of “Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm” is a memorable one. Boruto sends the mysterious Isshiki into another dimension, where he battles Sasuke. However, Sasuke has the advantage of being able to manipulate space-time, and Boruto’s Rinnegan helps him in this endeavor. While he is defeated by Sasuke, Naruto survives with his arsenal.

Though Naruto is no longer the main character in Boruto, his death would be a fitting tribute to fans. After all, fans have seen the character grow from a boy to a Hokage, fought through many fatal situations, and eventually achieved his goal of being the strongest person on earth. Moreover, the film allows fans to follow the lives of his son, Boruto.

The loss of Kurama in Boruto’s episode of the third season is a poignant one. The fox’s death forces Naruto to use his Baryon mode, and he ends up being the strongest human ever. Afterwards, he loses Kawaki and Sasuke’s team, and the surviving members of the Uzumaki have to be sacrificed.

Kawaki’s choice between Naruto and Boruto

The character of Kawaki has been one of the most memorable of the Boruto manga series. While many fans consider Boruto’s antagonist to be the strongest character of the series, others think that Kawaki is the most underdeveloped newcomer. Before he met Naruto, Kawaki was raised by an abusive drunkard father. The manga series focuses on Boruto’s rise to power.

After meeting Naruto, Kawaki decided to accept his father and the rest of the Uzumaki family. The two formed a bond over time as they spent time together. The two became close through their shared desire to eliminate the Karma. However, they are not exactly compatible in every way. Both Naruto and Boruto have their pros and cons. In the manga, Kawaki chose to befriend Boruto. However, she eventually chose to remain with her father, as he was the one who had raised her.

There are many reasons for Kawaki’s decision. One of these is that Kawaki was once a valuable cargo for the Kara. This cargo was later lost in a transport accident, but she remained loyal to the Kara. After the incident, Kawaki encountered Boruto’s ninja team. While she was a member of the Kara, she also got the Kama mark in her left eye. She also received a Shinobi-Ware implant that changed her physiology.

Episode in which Naruto dies in Boruto

The question that many fans have been asking is whether or not Naruto will die in the series. While it is possible for Naruto to die in a battle with Kawaki, his chances have greatly decreased since he has lost his primary role. However, the time skip prologue does leave open the possibility of him dying, either by being killed by Kawaki or trapped in another dimension.

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It is possible that a death scene will be shown in the next episode. Naruto is now an insignificant character, and his death will give his son a reason to grow up stronger, fight his presumed nemesis Kawaki, and develop tensions with Kawaki. The death of Naruto will also allow fans to see Boruto’s family, and if he is buried six feet under, it could be in an alternate dimension.

In the manga, however, Naruto is still alive. In fact, he last appeared alive in January 2022, when he was fighting with Jigen, a powerful demon that is possessed by Isshiki Oksutsuki. The manga, meanwhile, does not reveal the identity of Jigen, but it does make the situation more confusing for fans.

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