What are the top ten horror movies?

(1) Psycho: Based on a novel by the American author Robert Albert Bloch, Psycho is the considered as the best horror movie of all times. The film was directed by Alfred Hitchcock and it was released in 1960. The movie is about the relationship between a secretary named Marion Crane and Norman Bates, who is the … Read more

Who Invented Skittles?

The name skittles is used to describe a variety of similar games, which are played primarily on the European continent and in North America. Thus, it becomes hard to pin down the person, who invented the game. In other words, nothing concrete is known. Even today, there exist national and regional versions of the game. … Read more

Who Invented The Ballet?

The ballet originated when people in the age of Renaissance tried to formalize dancing. No single human being can be credited with having invented ‘the ballet’. The art originated in Italy but the French developed it a lot. The Italians call it ‘balletto’ but the English name ‘ballet’ comes from the French ‘ballet’ (‘t’ is … Read more

Who Invented Hip Hop?

  Keith Cowboy, a rapper from the United States, is credited with having coined the term ‘hip hop’. He only invented the name ‘hip hop’ and not the ‘hip hop’ itself. The roots of hip hop can be found in the African-American musical tradition which ultimately led to the African musical traditions – especially Jamaican. … Read more

Who Invented Jazz?

Jazz took its modern look in the United States in the later part of 19th century and early 20th century when Black musicians there begin playing European music in their own style. Therefore, no single person can be said to have invented jazz. Jazz is often called the classical music of the United States. It … Read more

Who Invented Nintendo?

Nintendo is a Japanese multinational company which was founded in 1889 by Fusajiro Yamamuchi. The Japanese name for the company is Nintend? Kabushiki Gaisha. The company produced and sold only played cards during the early years of its life. For the first six-seven decades of its existence the company kept itself limited to only playing … Read more

Who Invented Movies?

Louis Aimé Augustin Le Prince, a Frenchman, was the first person to record a motion film in 1888. The film was named Roundhay Garden Scene and it was a silent film and the duration of the movie was two seconds! A lot of films followed until the advent of 20th century with one thing in … Read more

Who Invented Rap?

Rapping is an African tradition and to narrow down to a person who invented rapping is as difficult a task as to answer who invented music. During the imperialist age, European nations captured Africans from their homeland and carried them off as slaves to the American continent. There, the Africans kept alive their tradition and … Read more

Who Invented Rock And Roll?

Alan Freed, a disc jockey in Cleveland, United States, was the first person to use the term Rock and roll or Rock ‘n roll to name the music trend of his days. Alan Freed did not invent rock ‘n roll but he gave the particular style of music a name. Rock ‘n roll had emerged … Read more

Is WWE Wrestling Real Or Fake?

The answer, according to most people who know the wrestling world, is not “yes” or “no,” it’s actually a combination of the two. How can that be, you may ask? Well, most of the participants and promoters who are willing to talk about it say that the sport of professional wrestling in the WWE follows … Read more

How To Throw A Successful Party?

What is the key to throwing a successful party? Just about everyone who has a positive experience says the key is planning, without being too controlling as the party gets underway. Most great parties have some foundation or guidelines, at least some good ideas behind them, with plans made well ahead of time. When party-planners … Read more

What Is A Fairy?

Most of the evidence about fairies points to origins in Celtic history, along with other individuals of mythology such as trolls, dwarves, elves and gnomes. Some have assigned angel-like traits to a fairy as well, especially in relating the legends and tales told over the years. It may help to visualize fairies as part of … Read more

What Is A Tattoo?

A tattoo is definitely not a new idea, as archaeologists have discovered remains of tattooed human beings that date back thousands of years. In fact, the practice of putting permanent images on the body with various materials and tools may have always been a part of human history. People have used the tattoo in coming-of-age … Read more

What Is A Crossword?

Someone searching for the soil in which the amazing crossword puzzle grew would have to travel to Liverpool, England. At least that’s what most game and puzzle histories state. However, the history of the crossword is not very long, in relative terms. A crossword puzzle has a layout of squares, most of which are blank … Read more

What Are Optical Illusions?

Some descriptions of this phenomenon use the term “visual” instead of optical. It may be best to determine the difference between these two terms, if there is one. First, the word “optical” actually refers to the field of optics or the science of optics. This is an area of science that is meant to assist … Read more

What To Do When You Feel Bored?

If you have absolutely nothing to do then you start feeling bored, but you can deal with your bored mood by doing some simple and interesting tasks. This article will provide you various things that you can opt to deal with absolutely free time. Things that you can do when you’re bored- 1. Try to … Read more