How can we test the purity of Milk?

To test the purity of milk, an instrument called a ‘lactometer’ is used. It is a cylindrical vessel made by blowing a heated glass tube. One end of this glass tube is blown into the shape of a bulb and it is filled with mercury, whereas the other end is blown in the shape of … Read more

Why the milk turns sour?

female mammals which is produced in the milk glands. The constituents of milk depend upon the species of mammals. For example, the human milk is richer in lactose (name of a chemical compound) compared to the milk of a cow which, in turn, has more lipids in it than human milk. But all kinds of … Read more

Who Invented Cookies?

It is likely that that the modern tasting cookies could have originated in ancient Persia around 7th century. The main factor might have been the increased usage of sugar. From there the cookies spread over to Europe via the Arab conquest of Spain and Portugal. Although, cookie-like hard wafers existed before that they were not … Read more

Who Discovered Candy?

Candy is an ancient dessert and no written records exist, which can tell us who the first person to invent a hard candy was. The earliest form of candy was fruits and nuts smothered in honey. It was only in the Middle Ages that modern candy began taking shape in Europe. In those times, the … Read more

Who Invented Chocolate?

No single person can be credited with having invented chocolates. Native Americans, Aztecs, Mayans, Olmec etc were growing cacao beans when Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas. The word ‘chocolate’ comes from the Spanish language which is itself borrowed from the local Indian languages. Columbus introduced cacao beans to Spain and from there they spread to … Read more

Who Invented Soda?

An Englishman, Joseph Priestley, invented carbonated water (predecessor of soda water) in 1767. He also published a paper which explained how to make carbonated water. The paper was published in 1772 and it was called ‘Directions for Impregnating Water with Fixed Air’. The inventor never exploited his product commercially. It was a Hungarian inventor and … Read more

Who Invented Coffee?

It is still unclear where in Africa was coffee discovered or which people were the first to make out that coffee was a stimulant. Although there are indications that coffee originated in Africa but there does not exist credible evidence to show where in Africa it originated. It is believed that the ancestors of Oromo … Read more

Who Invented Coke?

Dr. John Pemberton invented Coca Cola in 1886. He was a pharmacist in Atlanta, a city in the United States. Dr. Pemberton was experimenting with a medical formula which would include coca leaves and kola nuts. It was then that a colleague or a friend of Dr. Pemberton gave the solution the name – Coca … Read more

Who Invented Macaroni?

The dish is so old and the evidence so scattered that nothing can be said with certainty. The commonly held belief is: the famous traveler Venetian Marco Polo introduced macaroni to Europe after his travels in the East. The story says he encountered ‘macaroni’ for the first time in China. This suggests that the Chinese … Read more

One of the difficulties that the archeologists face while studying ice-creams is that unlike books or pottery it quickly melts. There is evidence that there were ice-houses (buildings used to store food) in Mesopotamia. Scattered evidence also suggests of ice being imported to Egypt for the pharaohs. The existence of ice-houses and ice, however, doesn’t … Read more

Who Invented Ketchup?

The Chinese have been using what can be termed as the ‘predecessor of ketchups’ for a long time. The invention of ketchup can’t be attributed to a single person. It was born when the English and the Dutch soldiers, coming from China back in the 16th century, brought with them salty, pickled fish sauce called … Read more

Who Invented Food?

It is impossible to name out a person who invented food because if we could, the next question would be ‘What did the humans eat before that if there was no food? And how could they manage to survive without food?’ Humans start to take food (breast feeding) before they learn to speak. It has … Read more

Who Invented French Fries?

Both the Belgians and the French claim themselves to be ones who invented French fries. French fries have got a long history in these countries. The Belgians claim the people in the valley between Dinant and Liege used to eat fried fish from the local river. Around the year 1680, the river froze in the … Read more

Who Invented Corn?

Corn was always available in the wild. It is believed that corn was first domesticated sometime between 10000 BC and 5500BC. Nothing is known about the person who domesticated corn for the first time. The native Americans grew corn before the outer world discovered the Americas. The natives called their corn ‘mahiz’ and that is … Read more

Who Discovered Rice?

Rice was first cultivated by Asian farmers around 3000 BC. There are two versions to the story about who were the first to grow rice – the Indian farmers or the Chinese farmers? The first version says that the Indian farmers were the first to find rice growing in the wild around 3000 BC and … Read more

Who Invented Spaghetti?

Nothing can be said with certainty about the origins of this famous Italian dish. It is likely that the people living in the Mediterranean or Middle East invented spaghetti around 2000-2500 years ago. Although the Chinese had been eating chao-min (noodles) since 4000 BC, they can’t be treated as spaghetti in the strict sense of … Read more

Who Invented Bacon?

Bacon must have been cooked for the first time when humans learnt to domesticate wild boars. Nothing is known about the person who cooked bacon for the first time. The North Americans and most of the English speaking people count only the meat from the side of a pig as bacon whereas to the people … Read more