Who Invented The Mario Videogame?

Shigeru Miyamoto, a Japanese video game designer and producer, created the Mario videogame while he was working for the Nintendo Co. Ltd, a Japanese company. The game turned out be the company‚Äôs most successful venture and it established Nintendo as one of the biggest companies in the international electronic gaming arena. In the game, Super … Read more

What Are Puzzles?

The simplest definition of a puzzle is that it is fun to try to solve and it does have an answer that can be determined, no matter how difficult. There are other definitions, or attempts to describe puzzles, that are intended to separate a puzzle from a real-life problem. Those who dive into a puzzle … Read more

What Is Sims?

Sims is the name of a game which is accessible at many mediums, but it is most popular for personal computers. It was even awarded as the best selling computer game. Original game was launched in year 2000, and then in following years, its various versions were released for PS 2 and XBOX. SIMS family … Read more