Gigi Hadid Takes Over from Alexa Chung as Tan France’s Co-Host in Netflix’s ‘Next in Fashion’ Season Two

Netflix recently chose to major in fashion competition shows with Brandon Riegg, the streamer’s vice president of comedy specials and unscripted originals, explaining the reasons behind the new move.

In a statement, Riegg explained: “Fashion is really appealing and relatable, and thus it made sense for us to major into that planet, considering our viewers across the globe. It’s also an opportunity to present amazing stories and talents from designers while evaluating the fashion enthusiasm of fans.

Next in Fashion Premise

Next in Fashion (NIF) is one of the fashion competition series that joined Netflix in January 2020 following Riegg’s statement. The series was canceled after its first season but fortunately announced the return of its second season without apparent reasons.

Nearly three years later, fans can finally enjoy more episodes of the spectacular reality show as the second season approaches.

What’s the Story of Next in Fashion Season 2?

Netflix’s Next in Fashion season one saw designers with worldwide recognition compete to win massive cash prizes and an opportunity to sell their collection at Net-a-Porter, a splendid fashion retailer site.

Tan France, a media personality and fashion designer, returns as a host in the series, joined by Gigi Hadid, an American model who will replace Alexa Chung.

A group of talented fashion designers will have the chance to share their fashion life with the world, walk away with a $200,000 cash prize in contrast to season one’s $250,000, and win an opportunity to launch their collection with Rent the Runway, an online store company.

Who is Behind Next in Fashion Season 2?

Next in Fashion is chiefly produced by Yasmin Shackleton and Robin Ashbrook, with The Oldschool as the production company.

The upcoming season brings to action twelve up-and-coming fashion designers, including Amari Carter, Bao Tranchi, Courtney Smith, Danny Godoy, Deontre Hancock, Desyrée Nicole, Eliana Batsakis, James Ford, Megan O’Cain, Qaysean Williams, Nigel Xavier, and Usma Ishtay.

Season two also introduces a new set of skilled judges into the competition: Jennifer Hyman, Ashley Park, Candice Swanepoel, Gabriella K-Johnson, Helena Christensen, Hailey Bieber, Olivier Rousteing, Bella Hadid, Emma Chamberlain, Isabel Marant, Jason Bolden, Donatella Versace.

When Will Next in Fashion Season 2 Launch on the Small Screen?

Next in Fashion will debut on Netflix on Friday, March 3rd 2023 with ten great episodes.

The series has seen massive promotion ahead of its season two premiere, with Netflix, Gigi Hadid, and Tan France actively updating the fans on Instagram and Twitter.

Written by Cindryl Valdez

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