HBO Max Begins Production of Comedy TV Show ‘How to Be a Bookie’

Making a series order is one thing while commencing its production is an accomplishment that should be recognized. In October 2022, HBO Max offered a green light to eight episodes of How to Be a Bookie, an original HBO Max comedy project made by Chuck Lorre.

Sebastian Maniscalco was revealed to be in the lead role before other actors joined him in November 2022. On February 28th this year, Maniscalco announced that How to Be a Bookie’s production had started via Twitter alongside an image of himself sitting next to Omar J. Dorsey and a caption, “All bets are off!

The production news has been warmly received, attracting 26.6K views within twenty hours of revelation and plenty of re-shares from other entertainment platforms on Twitter such as HBO Max, The Laugh Button, RegularCapital, ComedyNews.Org, The Laugh Network, Rama’s Screen, and more.

What’s How to Be a Bookie About?

While there’s no visual illustration of the show (because the production just started), HBO Max initially provided a storyline of How to Be a Bookie when the series was ordered.

It follows a veteran bookie (a person who evaluates gambling odds while receiving and paying off bets), Danny, portrayed by Sebastian, struggling to survive in the field.

The issues that keep Danny tossed around the streets of Los Angeles are a demanding lifestyle, co-worker problems, family dramas, unstable clients, and uncertainty about the gambling sport relating to its legalization in the country.

Who Makes Up the Production Team?

How to Be a Bookie is created by Chuck Lorre of The Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men among other popular sitcoms. He also serves as the co-writer alongside Nick Bakay. The pair chiefly produces the series with Sebastian, Judi Marmel, and Andy Tennant.

Lorre and Tennant are the critical directors of How to Be a Bookie with Chuck Lorre Production and Warner Bros. Television on the production boat.

Who Will be Cast in How to Be a Bookie?

As highlighted earlier, Sebastian Maniscalco will take the leading role of Danny alongside Omar Dorsey (Ray), Maxim Swinton (Anthony), Jorge Garcia (Hector), Vanessa Ferlito (Lorraine), and Andrea Anders (Sandra).

When is How to Be a Bookie Anticipated to Premiere?

HBO Max is yet to announce the release date for How to Be a Bookie, but fans can expect the series to land late this year or early 2024.

Written by Cindryl Valdez

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