How Do Pigeons Return To The Same Place After Long Journeys?

The capability of the pigeons to fly long distance and come back to the same place is an extraordinary thing in nature. The sultan of Baghdad, in twelfth century used pigeons for sending the postal dak. The armies employed pigeons to carry the secret messages during the Second World War. Even these days they use pigeons for carrying the secret messages.

Do you know how the pigeons handle to find their way and return to the same place?


According to scientists the pigeon finds its way with the help of the sun. The positions of the sun changes, during the day, it rises in the morning, in the noon it is above our head and in the evening it goes down. It has been argued by the scientists that the pigeon has the ability to find out direction from the position of the sun during the day. But all the pigeons do not have this remarkable capability. There are about 289 types of pigeons and doves which can find their direction and can take long flights. There are some strange habits in pigeons. As some of the pigeons prefer to live and fly alone whereas the others like to live in groups. Some pigeons like to live in towns whereas the others make nests in the forests. The capacity of the pigeons for long flights is unique. On 8th April 1845, a pigeon of the first Duke of Wellington flown from the Ishabo Island of West Africa, after 55 days on 1st June it fell down at a place 1 ½ kilometers away from London. It covered the distance of 11,265kms. In 1941, a pigeon flew in 24 hours the longest distance of 1292kms in America. On 8th May 1965, a pigeon flew at the speed of 177kms per hour in England.

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