How Do Plants Grow?

Many people feel curios about knowing the growing patterns of different plants. If you also want to understand the growth phenomenon of the plants, then this article can help you a lot. More then 350,000 species of the plants (underwater plants and ground plants) are known till now. Plants also follow the concept of “survival of the fittest”. For survival (growth) each plants has to face extreme conditions. But plants have great will to survive and grow; you can also feel this fact by observing the tendency of a plant that preaches the sides of the canyon walls in order to grow properly.

Important factors for the growth of plants
Plants include the shrubs, moss, flowers, herbs, green algae, grass, trees, seaweed and bushes. For proper growth they all need air, soil, bees, water, animals and insects. Sunlight is not a necessary growth requirement for the deep underwater plants; they earn nutrients only from water. But this water should have sufficient amount of the suspended or dissolved nutrients.

Growth of the plants
Growth pattern of a plant actually depends upon the type of the plant. Some plants possess both female and male parts but others depend on other factors (animals, insects, wind, bees and air) for the fertilization and pollination. Some plants (that contain seeds), create small packages (seeds); these packages actually contain the food and a plant embryo with a protective coating over the seed. A seed forms after the death of a flower. Now as flower contain the female or/and male parts; so it forms an ovum that is ready for the fertilization and hence it becomes the fruit (seed) that contain the seeds.

Now when this seed drops on the ground, it starts getting soften (from the moisture of soil). This softening causes the opening of the seed coat that is enough for the germination to begin. With germination; root hairs, tap root and tip of the plant begins to grow towards the warmth and the light. This initial plant is known as seedling plant. Now, roots start growing downward in order to find enough moisture (from the soil) and the remaining plant start growing upward in order to find more energy and food.

For proper growth, plants depend upon the soil and water. Plants actually use carbon di oxide, water and sunlight for the production of energy molecules (ATPs), and this processes is known as photosynthesis. For other nutrients/minerals (nitrogen, phosphorus etc) plants depends upon the soil. So, nature acts as a perfect mother for the plants. Growing of plants is not only a process; it should be seen as a beautiful play of life. Life always finds its path, and for plants this path goes through the Mother Nature. Without plants no life is possible on planet earth, and life of the plants depends upon nature; so it can be said that “the whole life of this planet depends upon the protocol of the mother nature”. Save plants to sustain a safe life.

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