How Do You Tell If A Guy Likes You?

The easiest way to postulate about the feelings of a guy is to simply ask him about that in clear words. But this is not easy for most of the people. In fact it’s not less than a challenge. Moreover, there are many things in world that can’t be explained in words. By observing the behavior of a guy you can easily evaluate his feelings for you. This article provides you some tips that will help you the figure out the feelings of a guy-

A guy likes you if-
• If he never leaves a chance to flirt with you
• If he always tries to make you smile
• If he always play light pranks on you
• If he sends you flowers (red rose is not necessary)
• If he observes you carefully when you talk and act
• If he designate you with a special nick name
• If he compliments you a lot
• If he is always ready to help/favor you
• If he laughs at even your poor jokes
• If he remember all the little things about your relationship
• If he is little bit shy in front of you
• If he ask you for dinner or lunch
• If he is extremely caring about you

Some necessary evolutions

• You should try to observe his body language. If he likes you then he will keep staring at you. Moreover, he will try to concentrate in your talks only.

• If a guy likes you, he will always try to impress you, with his talks and behavior.

• You should observe his way of talking, sometimes guys feel nervous while talking to their love.

• You should also observe his way of touching you, during his talks. If he shows some decent touching (if he don’t move his leg if it is touching to your leg, hugging you etc), then it’s a good signal.

• Notice his behavior with others and then compare it with his behavior towards you. Try to figure the differences, if he is much more polite and caring towards, then he is in love with you.

• Smile at him, if you are getting a big smile in response, then it is also a positive signal.

• If he likes you he will also pamper you, even for wrong things.

• Try to pay attention to his friends. If he is feeling jealous then it is confirmed that he have feelings for you. But you should also look for his intensity of response. If he is showing intense annoying, then don’t go for further tests. It can ruin your relationship. It is a right time to express your feelings.

Some suggestions

• If you are going to ask him about his feelings, then don’t do it in front of his friends. Because he may fell embarrassed and say mo to you. So try to maintain some privacy, during this kind of talk.

• Stay nice to him. Don’t let him down under any situations. Remember boy like it when somebody supports their ego.

• Finally if you are confident about his positive feelings then just ask him clearly and express you feelings also.

Written by Lucas Beaumont

Generalist. Wikipedia contributor. Elementary school teacher from Saskatchewan, Canada.

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