How Is The Weather Forecast Made?

Newspapers, radio and television are the main sources through which daily we get the weather forecast. The possibility of storm, rain or thunder etc. is forecasted by the weather experts.

Do you know how they get this information?

Many meteorological aspects have been studied by the scientists to make predictions about the weather. Mainly the weather depends on humidity, atmospheric pressure, ambient temperature, rains, wind directions, clouds formation, snowfall etc. Different types of instruments are used by the scientists to study all these parameters. The data relating to all these aspects is collected by the meteorological department of every country. These departments are situated at important places in every country. These departments analyse the meteorological data collected by them.Anemometer’ is an instrument which is used to measure the direction of the wind and ‘hygrometer’ is used to measure humidity present in the air. The amount of rainfall is measured by rain gauges while the duration of sunshine is measured by the sunshine recorder. We get the information of varying temperature in a day by ‘maximum minimum thermometers’. Today, balloons are being used to get the information about the clouds. ‘Barometers ‘are used to get the information about atmospheric pressure. Weather maps are made by all these data. With the help of these maps meteorologists make the predictions about the weather. Sometimes the weather forecasts go wrong by the meteorologists because of the incorrect inference from these maps.

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