How Much Should I Weigh?

To sustain an attractive personality, everybody desires to have a perfect body. Nobody wants to be designated as underweight or overweight. This article will explain that how a person can come to know that he/she is under or overweight.

“Weight to height ratio” model
Ratio of height with the weight is the most efficient way to conclude that a person is underweight or overweight. In this measure of weight, frame size is equally important. Size of the frame of a person can be estimated in a special position. When the arms of a person is extended exactly in the chest front, and there is a bend in the elbow, so that the forearm comes parallel to body, in this specific position frame size of a person will be exactly equal to the distance in between the respective sides of right elbow.

In a man, having height of 69-71 inches, medium size of the frame lies in between 2.75 – 3 inches. And in a woman, having height of 64-67 inches, the medium size of frame is observed to be 2.25 – 2.5 inches. Now, the ideal weight of a woman with a medium frame and who have a height between 64-67 inches lies in between 124-147 pounds. But this statement causes great variances for the conclusion of ideal weight of a woman. Most of people believe that, for a woman 2.26 kg/ 5 pounds over the weight of 45.39kg/ 100 pounds should be stated for every increase in the inch after the height of 1.52 m or 5 feet. So, it can be concluded that ideal weight of a woman (having height of 1.57m or 5’2”) is 49.89 kg or 110 pounds.

According to the above mentioned model, men are permitted with 1-2 pounds more (per inch), as compared to women, because in mails frame sizes are larger. This model is the best way to rapidly calculate the ideal weight of a person according to his/her height.

Complex cases
Now people who goes for a regular exercise, possesses lower levels of the fats and have much more lean muscles as compared to those who are not healthy and physically fit. Muscle tissues are very heavy and it’s not even necessary that participate in increasing the frame size of a person. In many cases, to get an accurate estimate of ideal weight of body, one is needed to do a test which is known as “body fat composition test”. This test is a comparison of good muscle weight (that participates in frame size) with bad muscle weight (absolute fat).

Ideal weight estimations can be complicated in many cases. A good nutritionist, a doctor or a personal trainer can provide sufficient help in order to estimate the ideal weights. They can use their experience and medical knowledge to conclude about the weight of a person, and their conclusion will be much more efficient then usual results of “weight to height ratio” models. A fit body is a home of new innovations, so a person should always be concerned with his health and body fitness.

Written by Lucas Beaumont

Generalist. Wikipedia contributor. Elementary school teacher from Saskatchewan, Canada.

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