How to Avoid Hair Loss?

Hair loss is one of the biggest concerns of the people about their body. There are many reasons that cause hair loss. For example- Poor health and previous health stress, lack of nutritional diet, mental stress, use of harsh chemicals, hair coloring agents, chemical hair dyes, excessive use of shampoos etc. Hair loss could also be hereditary in nature. Dandruff, repetitive stretching of hairs for sake of hair styling, combing wet hair and rubbing them with towel or use of hair dryer etc are other possible reasons of hair loss. Some other body situations like pregnancy, skin diseases, surgery, chemotherapy or chemical treatments etc. are also responsible for reducing growth of hairs.

To deal with problem of hair loss, some prescribed methods are given below:
Balanced Diet: Healthy and balanced diets are very important for prevention of hair loss. Nutritional deficiencies such as lack of Vitamins, Calcium & Proteins contribute to the fall and breakage of hairs. Balanced food provides us enough energy and it supplies all those nourishing substances which are required by living body to maintain growth of organs like hairs and nails. Fruits, almonds, soy bean, oats etc. are good source of proteins, calcium and vitamins. Lack of vitamins can cause dandruff which further contributes to hair fall. Enough intake of water is also prescribed to avoid problems of hair loss. Vegetarians should strictly fulfill the needs of healthy diet to ensure sufficient supply of all nutritional components to the body.

Avoid Stress: Mental stress is also responsible for hair loss. It has been observed that persons with mental stresses and tensions are much more susceptible to hair losses. To deal with problem of mental stress, one should practice the methods like meditation, yoga, sound sleep etc. All these measures help in coping with mental stress and tensions.

Avoid Excessive Hair Treatments and Styling:
 Excessive use of hair colors, hair dyes, hair dryers, hair bleaching, hair straitening can cause severe damage to the hairs and it results into decreased hair growth and elevated hair loss. Immediate combing of hair after washing and rubbing wet hairs vigorously with towel is also detrimental for strength of hairs.

Hair Conditioning:
 To ensure the smoothness, strength and softness of hairs, timely conditioning of hairs is required. Only those conditioners should be used which doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals or artificial compounds.
Psychological Disorders: Psychological disorders are other reasons for hair losses. Many physical states like pregnancy, skin diseases, delivery of a child, surgery, chemical treatments, chemotherapy etc are contributing factors of hair loss.
Consulting Dermatologist or Physician: If somebody is unable to figure out the reason for hair loss. Then one should immediately go for doctor’s consultation. Dermatologist or physician can guide somebody to follow a treatment for falling and weakened hairs. These day’s specialized dermatologists are working in field of hair loss treatments and many medications are available in market.

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