How to Be Popular With Women?

To maintain the quality relationships with the women, a man needs to be popular enough among them. In order to achieve popularity between the women a man will need these things-

Personal grooming
Self esteem
Manners and social graces

A man should follow these steps in order to achieve the popularity-

a) You should never behave fake. Just be yourself and behave naturally. Stay confident while talking and take care of personal hygiene. You should behave mannerly and you should act thoughtful. A man is not needed to possess heavy bank balance to practice all these mentioned things.

b) By following all instruction given in previous step, you will be able to project your image as a well cultured person. Women always feel attraction for the men who behaves like a gentleman. So, polite attitude is the basic key of cracking the popularity. Ask yourself that how to make a woman interested in you and your talks.

c) Women of 21st century are much more aware then previous times. So, you should be clear that you can’t make fool of a lady and you should not. You should show decent respect to the women in order to earn her attention. Men should not go for – sexual innuendoes, use of offensive language, dark jokes and abusive words when talking to a woman. If you want to establish some intimate relationship with some woman, then in first step try to be her friend. Learn to respect her and assure her security.

d) Casual friendship of a woman doesn’t need any special guide line. Just concentrate on above mentioned points. But if you have some feelings of extending that friendship to some higher levels, then should be over conscious about your behavior. Try to take all the possible care of your lady. Your talks and your behavior have the power to create and destroy your relation, so behave like a gentleman.

e) If you are committed to some particular, then don’t let any other women to enter your personal life. This will increase your respect in all the terms. You should learn to balance the roles of lover (husband) and friend.

f) If your romance is not in public eye then make sure that you are not passing personal talks of your love to somebody else. It will destroy your relationship as well as you will loose your respect. But if your relationship is known to public then express you love to the fullest. Show affection for your mate when in company of friends. This will increase the respect of your relationship. But make sure that you are not getting vulgar in public.

g) Compliments of women are responsible for creating reputation of men in the society. So, a man should to be noble and gentle to the women in order to earn their positive feelings.

h) By nature, men are not as thoughtful as women. This is a natural fat, but you should not use this fact as a defensive weapon. Try to be thoughtful, because it will amplify your respect.

By following these few tips, one can easily become popular among women. Just remember they are living beings with emotions so respect the emotions if you want to get popular.

Written by Lucas Beaumont

Generalist. Wikipedia contributor. Elementary school teacher from Saskatchewan, Canada.

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