How To Build Relationships At Parties?

Parties are for fun, but many people avoid getting into a party, because they are uncomfortable in dealing with crowd. Many people find it uncomfortable to show a vivacious attitude during a party because they have lack of gregarious feelings. But this nature is not a sign of attractive personality. In fact this attitude is harmful, if one is working in corporate sector. One has to be active enough, in the business parties of corporate sector.

Changing attitude

If you are suffering from such an attitude, then you can easily kill this feeling by adopting some simple changes. In every day life you hear many good jokes, but don’t forget them after listening. Crack these jokes in parties; it will attract people towards you. You can also look in magazines to read some good jokes, and then use them in some gregarious event. Remember everyone loves that person who can bring smile on their faces. You should try to incorporate some games in a party; it will create life in the party. Some of the usual gaming tips are given below-
1. When a person enters into your party, then assigns him with the name of some famous personality, but don’t let him know with that name (Tie the name at his back, by using some paper tag). If you have a themed party, then these names should be relative to the theme. Tagged person is actually supposed to guess the name assigned to him. Now when that person moves around; then allow him to ask 3 questions about the tagged name from the party members (but members of party can answer either yes or no). In this way you will be able to develop the wave of fun in your party and even strangers will talk to each other, this will make the atmosphere friendly enough.
2. Arrange game tables of poker, playing card, billiards, snooker etc. A card game known as “bluff” is a fun at parties.
3. In a small get together, you can manage extremely interesting games. For example- send some members of the party out of the room and assign a particular job or hobby to each remaining member of the party. And assign the other group with the opposite hobbies or activities. Then mix the crowd and allow then to guess the roles of each other. This can be very interesting and vivacious.
You can also manage some dancing and singing events at the party. In this way you can make your parties rock. People will feel amazed about your hosting and they will remember you as a lively person. When you are invited at parties then show decent behaviors, try to mix up with the people. Don’t go for severe drinking as it will ruin your gentle image. A good sense of humor is a key to develop healthy relationships. But you should be aware about the thin line between joke and insult, so, don’t crack jokes on other’s personality.

Written by Lucas Beaumont

Generalist. Wikipedia contributor. Elementary school teacher from Saskatchewan, Canada.

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