How To Deal With Acne Scares?

Before adopting a particular acne treatment, you must have some knowledge about the different types of acne scares, because your treatment will depend upon your particular type of the acne scare. Some people suffer from mixed types of acne scares, so choice of some appropriate treatment is tedious for them.

Some common types of acne scares are-

1. Boxcar Scars– These scares look similar to the scares of chicken pox. They are actually oval shaped scares having sharp edges. They are common on temples and cheeks.

2. Ice Pick Scars– They look like deep or shallow scares with jagged edges and steep sides. They are more common on cheeks.

3. Hypertrophic Scars– These scares are red and small bumps. They have a definite period of growing but then they fade away. They look like keloid scar. But keloid scars keep growing for indefinite period of time.

4. Rolling Scars– rolling scares occur because of some tissue damage (under the skin), and they look like rolling hillside. Rolling scares can not be treated with the help of usual treatments like lasers and dermabrasion. They commonly occur on the forehead and cheeks. Their usual treatment is known as “subcision”.

Some important tips before adopting a particular treatment-

1. Before hiring services of a particular dermatologist, visit several others also. Compare the conclusions made by different dermatologists, because some doctors may misguide you in order to sell their expensive medications. If you feel satisfied about the conclusions made by a dermatologist, then make some search about the name of dermatologist on the internet. Start the treatment only after assuring the authenticity of the dermatologist.

2. Before starting a particular treatment, say the doctor to provide you the detailed information about the duration, after effects and expenses of the treatment.

3. Insist to see the picture of previous patients, before the treatment and after the treatment.

4. Experience of a dermatologist is extremely important to consider.

Acne scare treatments-

1. Subcision– This treatment costs around $1000. This treatment involves the detachment of the skin (upper layer) from the deeper tissues. This allows the blood to flow into the openings and hence it raises the new skin in the areas of treatment. This treatment is best suited to treat the Rolling Scars and shallow Scares.

2. Chemical peels– This treatment costs around $600-$800. This treatment involves the use various different types of acids. Acids are used to remove the upper layer of the skin. This technique is very efficient.

3. Dermabrasion– This treatment costs around $1200-$2000. It is a process of mechanical removal of the top most layer of the skin but it has been observed that, Dermabrasion is not effective for long-term and treated scares grow back with the time.

4. Laser Resurfacing– This treatment costs around $2500. It is similar to the Dermabrasion, but it involves, physical removal of the upper layer of the skin. Moreover Laser Resurfacing is conducted by using the laser beams, in stead of abrasive pads or disks (as used in Dermabrasion).

Punch Treatments and use of the Acne Scar Creams are also effective in treating the Acne scares. You should choose a particular treatment according to your skin and your budget.

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