How To Deal With The Stress?

Stress is simply a situation that represents social, physical and mental manifestations. Symptoms of the stress include severe headaches, exhaustion, crying, increase/ loss of the appetite, oversleeping and sleeplessness. A person suffering from the stress feels fascinated towards various drugs and alcoholic drinks, because such person feel relaxed after consuming these toxicants. Feelings of frustration, apathy or alarm are common in a person who is suffering from stress.

Stress management
Stress management simply refers to the ability of holding the control when people, events and situations create a stressed condition. In simple words, stress management is the management of the stress by a person who is facing a condition of burden. In daily day life we all face conditions like- severe work load, emotional shocks etc. Under these conditions we suffer from stress, but for healthy escape it is extremely important to manage this stress. This article represents some important strategies to manage your stress.

These simple tips can help you to deal with the stress-
1. You should not try to escape from a stressed situation. In fact, you should try to locate something that can be used to solve the situation. This will boast your confidence to deal with other complex situations.

2. You should stay realistic in your life. Don’t be over ambitious and don’t take burden about unnecessary materials of life.

3. If you are working continuously from many days, then you should take a break. You should manage some time for yourself. Go for a holiday.

4. Fix your priorities. You can’t achieve each and every thing, so you must be clear about your priorities and then work only for those.

5. You should be clear about distinction of important task and useless task. Don’t take burden about useless work loads.

6. Meditation and Yoga have fantastic applications in stress management. You should place these exercises in your daily day schedule.

7. You should try to change your methods of dealing with a stressed situation. Adamant attitude can never help you in dealing with the stress.

8. Always try to figure out your internal positive energy. (You should never hate somebody when a little disliking is enough for him/her, you should not feel depressed in a disaster when a little sadness is enough for that situation etc)

9. Try to help others. When they praise you; you will feel relaxed.

10. You should never compromise with your sleep. Remember, sound sleep is a gateway to sound health.

11. Use of drugs and alcohol will increase your stress problems. So, you should never go for the toxicants.

12. If you can’t treat your stress, then try to use that stress.

13. Go for playing some outdoor sports like tennis, volleyball etc.

Positive attitude
Positive attitude is the key to deal with any sort of stress. Remember stress can also help you to increase the ability and efficiency of your brain. Stress actually increases the glucose supply to the brain and this glucose provides more energy to the brain neurons. This increases the retaining ability of the person. But a stress is very necessary to manage with in the time, because increased glucose supply can also cause lapse of the memory. So, with this thought one should remember that nothing is completely detrimental. Cure of the stress lies inside you; it is the positive attitude for the life. But if you are incapable of dealing with the stress, then you should immediately consult a doctor for necessary prescriptions.

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