How To Dye Gray Hair?

As we grow old, we experience many changes in our body’s functioning. In old age our hair follicles also stop the formation of melanin pigment, which gives color to our hairs, therefore the hair changes to gray or white.

Dying To Get The Gray Out:

People having gray hairs try to get them out and want to get back black hairs to look young. Generally, they use pills and take special diet to change the gray color to its original color. These things may or may not give required result, where as dying of color will surely give a positive result. If you want to dye your gray hairs, then first consult a dermatologist to get an assurance that your scalp or hairs are suitable for chemicals like ammonia used in dyes. These chemicals play an essential part to change your gray hairs to original color in a short time. In the market there are many varieties of coloring products like Revlon, Maybeline, L’Oreal, Clairole. If dermatologist says that your hair can handle the dying then you should choose the brand of color that suits you.

Hair Color For Men

There are two types of coloring products used by men. One is the lead based product, first spray it on your head and then spread it by running a comb throughout your hairs. Repeat it few times and then lead changes the gray hair to darker. One of the most widely used product which fall in this category is Grecian Formula. The other product used by men is the dye that is also used by ladies. Usually dyes used by men are costlier than women’s dyes.

Dye or Stylist

To cover the gray hairs completely, some do prefer to go to beauty parlors or hair dressers. The ladies may prefer to get some colored streaks to cover the gray locks. This style looks nice but you can not do it at home. If guys want to put on streaks to cover the gray hairs then they should go to the saloon to make their hairs stylish.

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