How To Find The Cheapest Cruise Packages?

Finding the cheapest cruise package is really quite easy, since most travel and cruise-ship companies offer inexpensive trips all the time. Some of these may even be at half the regular price (or even less). But the cheapest trip isn’t necessarily the best cruise. If you are looking for the absolute lowest price on a cruise, search the many Web sites and make a list of prices from cheapest to most expensive within a certain range. Working with a travel agent to plan a cruise is not the way to find an inexpensive cruise.

In the last few years, it has become more efficient to rely on the many Web sites for numbers to compare to. Then start comparing what the various companies offer for the prices. It may be good to put two or three with similar price side by side, checking off what is and is not offered at that number. Experienced travelers will understand the language that cruise companies use to describe amenities and to entice potential customers.

One of the key ways to find cheap cruise prices is to work with what is commonly known as a booking site, as opposed to reserving directly through a major line such as Royal Caribbean or Princess. Booking sites that survey and combine lists of trips often provide cheaper prices. Some wise buyers also work with or through airline companies that sometimes offer combined travel/cruise packages.

Key advice for those new trips offered by traditional cruise companies: First time trips can be a bit less expensive than the very-popular, long-standing trips. Companies will try new destinations and themes but must rely on clients to respond to the new idea. Consequently the price may be lowered to make the cruise more attractive.

In contrast to choosing a perfect cruise with a specific destination and just the right on-board amenities, those wanting to find a good cruise at a cheap price may want to wait. As with buying any product, the customer is more likely to get exactly what he or she wants if plans are made ahead of time. It’s true that the earlier reservations are made the more likely the individual is going to get exactly what is desired.

The potential cruise-trip couple or family can often find low prices or special packages in the last few weeks or days before the ship leaves port. Companies try to fill the staterooms by attracting customers with late, lowered prices. Some of the most-used trip sites allow the visitor to put in the destination, theme, on-board amenities and price desired. At this point the Web site company may be able to display trips that are close to or exactly what the customer is looking for. This is also a good way to find out if your wishes and desires are realistic.

Searching on such sites as and might be very helpful. The latter site even highlights some of the last-minute specials available from various companies.

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