How To Flirt Successfully?

Flirting is not a topic of interest for married persons and for those who are committed in some relationship. In fact flirting is extremely detrimental for these kinds of relationships. A relationship of love can never stand if the partners are not loyal to each other. On the other hand flirting is a fun for bachelors. In fact flirting is gateway for a true romance. Flirting is way to let somebody know that you have some feelings for that person. With proper and loyal flirting one can crack a position in somebody’s heart. So, it can be said that flirting is an escape from long waits of Ms Right or Mr. Right. This article provides some tips of successful flirting, so it can help you to initiate a relationship.

Successful flirting
Flirting is natural art, but anybody can easily learn this skill it if one is serious about initiating a relationship with someone. For flirting one will need some courage to speak, positive attitude, good sense of humor and good nature.

Some General skills of flirting with opposite gender-

1. At first step try to act naturally, show them that you are actually interested in their talks. Don’t show any disagreements. Be polite in your talks and wait for the next catch.

2. Fakers have no scope in long term relationships. So a flirting should be extremely natural. You should not try to behave like some body else. Be yourself. You should start a talk with a topic about which you or your mate is extremely comfortable. If you are going to offer some compliments, then should talk sincerely.

3. Hold your positive attitude and try to make them smile. Don’t go for any sort of near physical touch, but a casual approach can work sometimes. Try to know their interests and thoughts. Tell them that why they are different and attractive for you. Show then that you just can’t afford to take your eyes away from them.

4. Sometimes use of flirt lines also work. But these flirt lines are so coomon these days that they appear fake and cheap. So it should not be preference.

5. You should look good while talking to them. You should be hygienic and your breath should not stink. You should be well dressed. Sometimes use of good perfumes works well.

6. Your body language should be perfect. Watch in her eyes while talking and don’t show her that you are flirting. If she is not entertaining your talks, don’t force her on anything. And if she is rolling her eyes, to avoid the eye contact then you should start ignoring her for a while.

Some serious and specific tips of flirting

1. Stay easy– You should appear easy going to them. Try to maintain a smile on your face and you should be open minded in thoughts

2. Full attention– You should pay your full attention while listening to them, tell about yourself in very less words. Try to listen more from them. Show them that you are interested in listening to them. Try to start the conversation with most comfortable topic. Praise them to show them that they are valued for you.

3. Expectation level– Flirting should not be considered as a serious purpose, it’s just a fun to know that a person is interested in you or not. So, you should not try to find an ideal husband or wife by means of flirting. When you fell unsuccessful in flirting, then you should not take it on heart, in fact you should move on for next one.

So, flirting is a casual gateway to a relationship. If this gate is closed don’t stay knocking, just move on. And if it is opening at you call then wishing you a happy relationship. All the best.

Written by Lucas Beaumont

Generalist. Wikipedia contributor. Elementary school teacher from Saskatchewan, Canada.

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