How To Get Rid Of Arm Hair?

In guys, arm hair gives a good touch and show up their manliness. On the other side, growth of arm hair gives unpleasing look on women arms. There are many options to remove the arm hairs. The results of these options differ according to the cost and effectiveness. The simple and low-priced solutions remove the hairs immediately but they grow back again and get harden. It gives rough feeling when you touch your arms. On the other hand, laser treatment removes your hairs permanently but it is more expensive.

Shave Your Arm Hair

Get Rid Of Arm HairTo get rid of arm hair, use of razor is a simple and easy method. You can remove your hairs immediately by running its blades throughout the hairy part of your arms. To reduce the cuts always use shaving creams. Removal of hair by this method is not permanent. Within 3 to 4 days the hairs will start growing. You have to repeat this process again and again to reduce the length of the hairs.

Hair Removal Creams:

These creams remove the hairs in few minutes as they get dissolve. Like shaving removal of hairs by creams is also temporary. These creams are not beneficial for sensitive skin as they can cause allergic reaction. Before using the hair removal creams first test them on small area of your skin, if it is bearable then use it.

Pluck Your Hair

Plucking of hair is rather painful as you have to pull the hair one by one. But this method is long lasting as compare to creams and shaving. While plucking, the hair gets pulled up from the follicles; therefore it takes much time to grow again. Plucking of hair is better than shaving but it is painful and time consuming.

Bleach Your Hair

You can hide the arm hairs by using bleach, instead of eliminating them. While buying the bleach you should keep in mind that the color of the bleach should match to your skin color. Apply the bleach on hairs and keep it for few minutes. Then clean up the bleach and wash your arms with water. After that you will see that your arm hairs will be invisible and the skin becomes soft and smooth.

Have Your Arms Waxed:

Waxing of arms is very popular and is less expensive then laser and it also gives long lasting effect. In this treatment, press a strip of sticky paper on the arms and then pull it quickly. The hairs get uprooted and make the skin of your arms smooth. This method is quite painful but bearable.

Laser Treatment

Arm hairs can be removed permanently by this treatment. This treatment makes the follicles to stop producing hairs. Thus after having this treatment you should not worry about hairs but for the bill as this treatment is more expensive.


This is one more expensive treatment of arm hair removal. In this treatment doctors give electric charges to the hair follicles to remove them permanently. Laser treatment is better as compare to electrolysis.

While differentiating each choice, waxing is considered as the most useful method. By this method you can also remove the hair of the other body parts in combination with arm hair removal. Waxing is not the cheapest but it makes sure a long lasting effect. You will not be disappointed with this method.

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