How To Get Rid Of Common Skin Problems?

In today’s world, one of the most common among daily life problems is skin problem. Skin needs a daily routine of care and a great deal of attention. If one does not bother about skin care, he/se is definitely going to suffer from common skin problem.

There is nothing like bad complexion, wrong lies in our diet and the environment where we live. For a healthy skin, we need to be healthy from inside. In fact many skin problems results from body ailments. Example of common skin problems are acne, age spots, broken capillaries, dry skin, eczema, oily skin, skin rashes, blisters, scars, warts, wrinkles, changes in color, sun burn etc.

Now we will discuss some of them which are most common.

First comes ACNE:-
It is a common disorder of sebaceous glands (oil glands). When sebaceous glands secretes too much of sebum (oil), it causes Acne. It leads to blackheads white heads and pimples. Acne mainly occurs on face and sometimes on the shoulders, arms and the back.

Person with the problem of Acne should gently clean his face with soap and water two or three times a day but not more than that. Many antibiotics are available in market which destroys the bacteria responsible for Acne. Both topical (which are to be applied on top of the skin) and systemic (which are taken orally) antibiotics are available.

Age spots are the excessive blotches that appear on skin (especially on the facial skin). These may be caused by perfumes, sun burn etc. One must use a sun block or sun screen when out in the sun. To remove age spots, one can use skin lightening products.

Dry and mature skin is most prone to broken capillaries. When Blood ceases to pump through tiny capillaries, it results in weakening of capillary walls. Then these capillaries collapse and become visible on the surface. To prevent broken capillaries, one should protect his/her skin from cold and windy weather. One should not use abrasive cleansers. Drugs, alcohol, caffeine etc too can cause broken capillaries. Apply oils that help in blood circulation.

It is another skin problem caused by malfunctioning of sebaceous glands. When skin looses moisture and sebaceous glands provides inadequate amount of oil (sebum) to the skin, skin becomes dry and itchy. This moisture loss cannot be restored by external use of water. Moisturizing lotions and creams containing oils essential for our skin will definitely help in regaining the moisture loss. Skin massage with natural oils will help. One must also avoid hot steam baths.

It is a common skin disorder that causes inflamed, red and dry skin. Its cause in known yet but stress, soaps causing skin irritation and environment can trigger Eczema.
Itchiness, dry and red skin, formation of blisters and infection of skin are some of its symptoms.
Till now, no cure for eczema has been found but still, we can prevent the symptoms. The following are the points to remember for preventing Eczema.
1. Reduce your stress level.
2. Moisturize your skin frequently.
3. Avoid sweating.

It is the most common problem of facial skin which comes as we age. Wrinkles and lines appear on skin naturally due to skin folds. It increases and tends to become permanent with time. Smoking, excessive exposure to sun and over dieting can increase this problem. It leads to a premature skin.

Dark circles under the eyes are a skin problem most commonly seen today. Lack of sleep, dieting, skin allergies, over sun exposure cause Dark Circles. We can either remove these Dark Circles by using cosmetics or by resolving the above mentioned causes.

Dark brown, round and raised spots on skin are called Moles. They may be present right from the birth or may appear with time. Usually these Moles do not cause any skin cancer. We can easily get rid of these Moles.

These common skin problems arise to our negligence only and these can be tackled easily by a proper care and attention towards skin.

Written by Lucas Beaumont

Generalist. Wikipedia contributor. Elementary school teacher from Saskatchewan, Canada.

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