How To Get Rid Of Insecurity?

To some people the idea of “insecurity” might seem a bit too big a subject to tackle. Others may think there are so many types of insecurity that it would impossible to find a single “cure” for this malady. In a way, both of these ideas have some truth to them. Insecurity is a big topic and there are many causes and situations connected to the idea. But this doesn’t mean we have to just live with it. With commitment and a few basic steps, we can get rid of insecurity.

One definition of insecurity focuses on feeling a lack of strength, power or capability in a particular situation. This is usually expressed as negative thoughts or statements of “I can’t.” With this basic knowledge you can start to get rid of insecurity by working on those negative thoughts and feelings. The first step might be accepting that you do have the capability, skill or training to accomplish a task, reach a goal or thrive in difficult circumstances.

A Way of Thinking
This is just the opposite of telling yourself you are not sure (and believing it). For some individuals this type of thinking becomes comfortable. It’s an accepted way of life. Along with accepting that the power or capability is already in you, you will have to commit to making the change. Now it is time to start acting like you are secure. One particular growth program says you have to fake it until you make it. You won’t actually be faking it though, because you are secure and you do have the power to accomplish what you want.

Insecurity can also limit us in male/female relationships, friendships with others of the same gender and in financial situations that cause us to question our ability to succeed. In personal relationships one of the best ways to get through feelings of insecurity is to talk face-to-face with the other person in a relaxed atmosphere. One of the major causes of personal insecurity is lack of knowledge and understanding. Remember, not knowing is worse than knowing and having to work with what you know.

Possession Jealousy
Financial insecurity is both a problem of money levels and a problem with attitude. It’s important to remind yourself that we will always be working for money so we have enough to survive. This state of mind needs to become a habit. Only then can we be secure enough to live comfortably. The amount of money we stash away is not really the answer to financial security. To be healthy, reasonably happy and have enough income to pay our own way – that is also financial security.

In a more general sense, we can be secure as we move around our community and our social circles. This is a matter of self-awareness at the start. But to be truly secure in a social mix you have to stop being self-conscious and become comfortable with who you are.

You may have to make some lifestyle changes and make some adjustments in appearance, clothing etc. But a general feeling of security comes with understanding that you can’t change the most basic parts of who you are. Change what you can and learn to accept the rest. Others will too.

Written by Lucas Beaumont

Generalist. Wikipedia contributor. Elementary school teacher from Saskatchewan, Canada.

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