How To Get Rid Of Leg Hair?

Leg hair is natural. Most of the women get terrified especially if the leg hair grows in excess. There are some men, swimmers and cyclists who don’t like excess hair on their legs. There are many ways to get rid of leg hair:

Shaving: This is the easiest and the cheapest way of removing the leg hair. In this way expert suggests to use safety razors. Removing of hair by this way is temporary; it makes the legs smooth but only for 2 or 3 days. While shaving your legs always use new blade. Apply shaving cream or gel on the legs, before shaving to make the skin soft and smooth. Don’t use soap as it dries the skin. You must move the blade of razor smoothly in the opposite direction of hair growth. Start shaving your legs from the ankle and then move the razor up to the leg. Avoid shaving the dry skin and the sunburned. Avoid using the blunt razors and avoiding sharing of your razor with someone else.

Shaving Bumps: During the process of shaving the oil glands becomes irritated and the hideous red shaving bumps are seen. To avoid the arising of bumps use antiseptic creams or make a mixture by taking ¼ cup of distilled water and dissolve one or two drops of glycerin and two anti-inflammatory aspirins in it and then apply this mixture on the legs after shaving.

Razor Burn: Razor burns appear on the legs if you press the razor too hard while shaving. Avoid using blunt blades or that have been left open for bacteria. Use warm water and make shaving cream foamy while shaving to make your skin and hair soft.

Depilatory Creams: These creams are very easy to use and are more effective. If you are in hurry, use these creams to remove the leg hair with no effort. People having sensitive skin avoid depilatory creams, as these are made of chemicals to burn off hair. Before using these creams, take a warm washcloth and place it on the leg. This washcloth helps to open the hair follicles and make them soft, which helps in removing the hairs quickly. You should leave the cream on the legs for the time suggested on the label and then clean it with washcloth. After cleaning the cream, wash your legs properly. Always test the depilatory creams before using. Test the cream by applying a patch of it on small area of your skin, if you feel irritated then clean it immediately with Betadine as it can cause allergies, discoloration. Never apply these creams on scratches or cuts.

Waxing: This way of removing leg hair shows long lasting effect than shaving. After shaving the hair grows back and become hard. As waxing pulls out the hair from under the skin surface therefore it results in slow hair growth.

Sugaring: Removing leg hair by this way is very old. In this method slightly warm sugar is applied on the leg hair and then use muslin strips to remove it. This method needs practice and shows more favorable results than shaving.

Laser Hair Removal: It is best to think of laser hair removal, if you are tired of removing leg hair again and again. In this method, laser light reaches to the hair follicle by passing through the skin and then the hair gets destroyed by absorbing the light. It is a scientific law that light is attracted towards the dark colors, due to this law hair absorbs the color. The best results can be shown in persons having light skin color and dark hair. Thus the people having dark skin should not use this technique as it may cause skin burning. Though it is long lasting and reduces the growth of leg hair but this way of removing hair is very expensive.

The implementation of perfect leg hair removal is essential as if the removal of hair is not done correctly, then it may harm your soft skin. So be careful and get ready to show off your hair free legs.

Written by Lucas Beaumont

Generalist. Wikipedia contributor. Elementary school teacher from Saskatchewan, Canada.

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