How To Get Rid Of Narcissism?

Self-confidence is not a fault. In fact, it’s necessary. If we are to succeed in any task (business, personal relationships etc.) we have to be confident in our ability to meet challenges. But when we begin to think that we are never wrong and can’t make mistakes we are treading on dangerous ground.

Yet, there are people who believe they are close to perfect. These misguided individuals take on any and all challenges with the idea that they have the correct solution, the right method and all the answers. In addition, the narcissistic person might believe they are physically attractive, mentally superior and emotional stable. Their complete make-up as person is not to be challenged.

In many situations, this type of thinking is the sole property of the person who is “in love” with himself or herself. Others who are perceptive enough have probably discovered that the narcissistic individual is not so much better than anyone else. In fact, extreme self-love that goes by the name “narcissism” is considered a personality disorder. When we are over-confident, aggressive in business and personal relationships while being insensitive to the thoughts and feelings of others, we may be exhibiting classic narcissism.

Conquering Narcissism
If a narcissistic person would be able to stop and look at their life and their personal relationships they would discover that they have few, if any, friends. These unfortunate individuals probably think that every one respects them and looks up to them because of their perceived superiority in appearance, business acumen and talent. But they are generally wrong.

To get from narcissism to a more healthy mental and emotional state the individual must begin by recognizing their limitations. This is the most difficult thing for this individual to do. Exhibitions of over-confidence are usually signs of insecurity. It’s a form of denial and a form of hiding the truth. Change begins with admitting that there are some things you are not good at. Look at your actions and relationships closely and consider how many others you have lost contact with. There is a reason for this. Just ask one or two of them.

Listen to others when a group is discussing a project. Other people have good ideas too and these ideas may be the best at that time. You shouldn’t expect everyone to follow you just because you came up with an idea or plan. While it may seem impossible to start taking responsibility for your mistakes (yes, you do make them) life is actually easier when you admit that you don’t know “everything” and can’t do “everything.” In addition, don’t spend so much time praising yourself and patting yourself on the back. Actions speak louder than words and good leaders lead by example, not by giving commands. If you brag about your talents and abilities and don’t deliver, stop yourself immediately when you start making excuses. It is not always someone else’s fault. You may actually have limitations. The sooner you admit to them the better off you will be. Your life will be much less stressful as well.

Written by Lucas Beaumont

Generalist. Wikipedia contributor. Elementary school teacher from Saskatchewan, Canada.

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