How To Get Rid Of New Car Smell?

Some people love the smell of a new car. In fact, manufacturers put a lot of effort into making sure your new vehicle has that wonderful aroma when you open the doors. Many people don’t want to get rid of new car smell and just let the odor go away over time. If a new car is used on a regular basis it will eventually lose its “new” smell.

But there is a little more information about new car smell that most people don’t give any thought to. Some theories about this aroma state that the vapors that cause the new car smell can actually be a health hazard. For this reason, it may be necessary to take some steps to get rid of the odor long before it disappears on its own.

Chemically Clean
Chemicals are the root cause for new car smell. Car-makers use specific products to clean and preserve automobile upholstery and other interior parts. Cleaning products are also used to make the car more appealing to the potential buyer. Getting rid of that smell involves taking steps to remove the chemicals or cover up their odors.

Most car manufacturers cover the seats and other interior surfaces with plastic to keep the inside of the car spotless until it is sold. This plastic has its own smell. Removing all the plastic from the interior of your new car will get rid of at least one source of new car smell. Leather treatments are also part of the smell. Manufacturers and local dealers will often treat the leather to make it shine and to preserve it. You can probably wait a short time for these products to lose their potent aroma. You may still smell the leather but that is better than continuing to breathe in the chemical vapors from cleaners and leather preservatives.

You will also be breathing in the vapors from polish used to make the outside of the car shine. You will also breathe in the smell of glass-cleaning products and various chemicals used to hold parts together or seal body parts. Finally, you will also smell the oil and gasoline, though this may not be as noticeable at first. We might as well touch on the idea that car manufacturers add “new car smell” to their vehicles once they are made. This is another story that can be dealt with at another time.

One way you can get rid of new car smell early is to use air fresheners and deodorizing sprays available from grocery stores, hardware stores and general stores. You can also help get rid of the smell by opening the windows as often as possible. Try carbon filtration for the interior of the car or have a professional detailer give the car’s interior an ozone treatment. If you don’t want to use chemicals to cover up other chemicals, slices of fresh fruit will cover the new car smell to some extent.

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