How To Get Rid Of Pet Allergies?

Have you had to make this difficult decision – pet or breathing? Thousands of people avoid homes with pets and live without a pet in their home because they are allergic to cats, dogs etc. One study shows that between 10 percent and 20 percent of the world’s population suffers from allergies associated with household pets or animals.

When these individuals are in the company of pets or when they go into a house where an animal lives on a regular basis, they start feeling short of breath, their eyes and nose itch, they begin to sneeze and so on. Unfortunately, many of these people simply stop visiting friends and family because of pets. In addition, they choose not to have a pet in their own home. But in some cases this is not necessary.

Start Here
The best place to start getting rid of pet allergies is to take a close look at your life. Do the symptoms described above start within a few minutes of coming into contact with a pet or when you go into a house where pets live? Do the symptoms disappear shortly after you leave these areas? Do you have no symptoms of allergy when you stay away from pets and homes where pets live? If so, you may indeed have a pet allergy.

Your next step should be a visit to your doctor or other medical/health expert. There are medications available to stop many of these allergy symptoms. Keep in mind that products purchased “over the counter” work on mild-to-medium symptoms and don’t work against the real cause of the allergy. In addition, if you have strong allergic reactions to pets and become ill you may not find relief with retail medicines. You may have to take further steps, including an allergy screening to determine just what is causing your problem. You may have to have injections to battle against allergies.

Next Step
If you are in the group of people who react strongly to the presence of pets you may have to choose a pet-free home. If this condition keeps you from visiting friends and family, you should discuss the issue with the others so they will understand the problem.

If you have a pet in your home, try to restrict its movements within the house. If you can keep the pet from getting on your bed or on a particular chair you sit in, you have taken a giant step toward relieving your symptoms. Change your sheets, pillow cases and blankets regular. Washing them consistently will help tremendously.

Clean is the key to getting rid of pet allergy. Use your vacuum cleaner often. Clean your carpets and rugs thoroughly. Clean your pet regularly. Most of the problem with pet allergies comes from the fur and “dander.” A good doggie bath now and then will help reduce your risk. Finally, use air filters in your home. Look for filters that say HEPA on them. This should help with any breathing problems caused by pets

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