How To Get Rid Of Pockmarks?

The major problem of acnes is scars and their impact on our face but not their age and size. Pockmarks are difficult to remove as these are the result of the physical changes of your skin but with the help of surgery and topical cream these can be vanished from our face. The need of the hour is use of these solutions with patience.


Few dermatological treatments firstly remove the scars then transform the skin into its previous form. Although it works very slowly but you will notice improvement with the time. However, if pockmarks had affected your skin deeply then you have to tackle these,
With some strong and more effective topical solution given below.


Onion gives tears in our eyes but when it is applied on skin, it gives smile on our face as it has magical impacts on our skin. You can read 7 tearfully – pleasing uses for onion). Onion extract restricts the growth of collagen which creates silky surface of pockmarks.It should be used according to the directions given at the products label


Cocoa butter with its amazing fragrance is used make skin smooth and moisturized.Many people are unaware of its wonderful reactions against pockmarks. Its components increase smoothness and elasticity of the skin which helps in the reduction of scars and with the time they disappear form your face. If cocoa butter is not available then you can use any good moisturizer also. For help see how to make cocoa butter.


One of the enormous uses of silicone is scar removal but its effects are seen after a long time. Many biological processes work to arrange scar tissues into a strip of normal skin.Silicon is used in the form of gel and strip which is directly applied on the scares. Other topical methods should also used along with silicon application for better result


Alpha hydroxyl acids are largely used in beauty products as this slowdown the impacts of ageing on the skin. You can use a product which has considerable amount of these acids or you can go through the instructions given at the label of the product. . Some of the alpha hydroxyl acids are :

1. Salicylic acid.
2. Citric acid
3. Mandelic acid
4. Lactic acid
5. Glycolic acid


Market is full of scar removers which control the production of collagens. With each application they moisturize the pockmarks and enhance the growth of normal skin. Scar removers are abundantly available in drugstores but before their use you should. Go through the researches on internet and consult your dermatologist.


Surgery is the ultimate solution of the skin which is harshly deteriorated by regular attacks of pockmarks. However, it is expensive solution and its effects are not always the same as expected but it is the best option at the stage where topical solutions are failed.


It is a rough method where dermatologist smoothen the skin through facial sand ling to erode the pockmarks. In this method, skin is scrubbed due to which wounds are appeared on the skin but after two weeks they disappear and refresh your skin. This method is best meant for light or dark skin tone people.


Another surgical method is laser technique which carved out the skin affected by strong attacks of pockmarks. Like a sculptor, your dermatologist will give smooth shape to your skin by eroding scars. As wounds appear, this will show its result after two weeks but this long wait will give you smile with silky skin.


One of the most powerful methods among surgical procedures is punch augmentation. With the help of whole punch, the dermatologist hollows t failed .he area of pockmark and fill it with flesh taken from another part of your skin, most probably from back of your ear. The recovery period is one month but after this your will look mark less and marvelous.


As topical solutions are easy and inexpensive so you should go for these during the initial stage. Surgery should be the last option when all topical healers are failed.

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