How To Get Rid Of Ringworm?

To work with ringworm and get rid of it, one has to have some knowledge of how to deal with fungus and get rid of it. This particular type of fungus infection is contagious so those who are close to ringworm, trying to stop its spread, must have particular knowledge. Unfortunately, ringworm is rather easy to catch and very difficult to get rid of completely. People must be very careful not to come in contact with open wounds when dealing with this infection.

Most of the suggestions and medical remedies state that treating ringworm properly involves several weeks of careful attention. During this time, the infected person will suffer from an itch that seems as if it will never go away.

The infection gets its interesting and disturbing name from the shape of the infection and the basic cause. Because the infected area is easily identifiable due to the round shape (ring) people clearly know when it is present. But the fungus may be present in the system for several days before outward evidence becomes obvious.

Once you have determined that you are, indeed, working with ringworm, makes sure to clean the infected section of the skin or scalp with soap. Certain dandruff shampoos and other medicated shampoos have been found to be effective when treating the infection in its visible stage. Companies now produce specific creams and lotions that are designed to fight the infection (anti-fungal).

After applying the cream, the area should be covered with a clean bandage so that the lotion can work and not be washed off or rubbed off accidently. While this is certainly no guarantee against ringworm infection, it can start the healing process that takes 10 days to two weeks. Medical treatment may also call for taking medicines orally to rid the system of the fungus. Remember, if you are treating someone with ringworm it is absolutely essential that you do not come into contact with that person (especially contact with the infected area).

Ringworm has been found on the scalp quite often over the years. Sometimes this infection is present and hidden by the hair for several days before it becomes noticeable or the itching gives it away. Children have been particularly prone to catching ringworm’s fungus infection. An adult system that is weakened by certain diseases can also open the door for the infection. Unfortunately, ringworm is more difficult to remove from the scalp than from other parts of the body.

Over the course of several years, medical records indicate that about one in three people will be afflicted by ringworm. While it may go away on its own, and the itching can be lessened by some treatments, actually getting rid of ringworm might require commercial medicines that contain miconazole or clotrimazole.

For most ringworm infections, the severity will be such that the individual should consult a physician. Not only can the doctor help eliminate the infection, he or she can also help reduce the itching by using a steroid-based cream. As the old saying goes, prevention is the best medicine. People should avoid sharing towels, combs and brushes and other personal items, since ringworm is very contagious.

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