How to Get Rid of Roundworm?

As with many health conditions today, there are two ways to go when trying to get rid of roundworm. With organic/natural remedies it’s possible to get some relief and keep this pest from coming back. There are also some methods used and endorsed by those in the medical community.

No matter which of the two routes you choose, it’s important to understand just what roundworm is before you start trying to treat the condition. This worm infestation is usually found in pets, though some countries are experiencing similar outbreaks in humans as well. The human roundworm problem seems to be coming from water supplies contaminated by human feces.

Roundworm: Where From?
These small worm pests can find their way into the family cat or dog when the pet digs into the trash can for something to eat or when the pet licks food substances off the floor or other surface. Roundworms grow from tiny eggs that can exist in the animal’s feces. If they get into the pet’s body they move through the walls of the intestines and eventually get into the animal’s lungs. This particular worm is very hardy and continues to live when coughed or vomited out, only to be picked up again by that same pet or another animal.

Here’s what you should look for, even if you don’t suspect roundworm in a pet: small amounts of vomit; losing weight and not eating properly; diarrhea; actually seeing worms in pet bedding or around the pet’s body.

What to Do
Get your pet to a vet! Pets that are new to a family should be seen by a veterinarian immediately. These medical professionals can usually stop the spread of roundworm and eliminate traces of the worm in a pet – if the infestation hasn’t progressed too far. Follow the directions for a prescribed medicine exactly!

While treating the pet, keep the home and outside property clear of pet droppings. Pyrantel Pamoate is a common treatment for roundworm. It may be used in humans in some situations. It is generally safe for most pets and kills the parasite over a period of time. Look for it under several different brand names. Wormwood tincture or extract is also used, but must be continued for at least a month.

Worm Clear is a homeopathic treatment that is administered with the pet’s regular feeding. Some pet owners have had success with diatomaceous earth (food grade). This does not harm the pet but will kill the small worm when the roundworm swallows it.

Cleanliness is always a key to prevention of roundworm. Getting rid of rats and mice can reduce the possibility of pets getting round worm because rodents and other animals can carry the pest. It’s also wise to avoid areas where other animals have left droppings. While people seem to enjoy “kissing” their pets, this is a common way for pets to pass infestations on to owners.

While there are a few natural remedies that have become popular among followers of alternative medicine, it may be wise to check with your local veterinarian if your own efforts aren’t successful.

Written by Lucas Beaumont

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