How To Get Rid Of Sour Milk Smell?

There are smells that are worse than sour milk smell but not many of them are as common or as irritating. Not only that, the odor of sour milk tends to hang around unless we take some specific steps to get rid of it. Fortunately people have discovered ways to clean up the source of the smell and get rid of the odor permanently (at least until the next time).

Of course, the best way to get rid of sour milk smell is not to let milk go sour in the first place. In addition, it is important to clean up any spilled milk immediately. Just wiping a surface down with a dry rag or paper towel wont’ be enough. You must use a surface cleaner and a clean towel or cloth to remove all traces of milk residue.

Next Method
If you are careful not to let milk go sour, using it up while it’s fresh, you should avoid a lot of the sour-milk problems. Cleaning up all traces of spilled milk will be essential as well. If you use a cloth or fabric rag to clean up spilled milk, make absolutely sure you rinse this cloth/rag thoroughly with hot water and soap. Then wash it as soon as possible. To avoid this problem, use paper towels that can be disposed of immediately.

If milk has dried on a surface, get all residue up with a plastic knife or other utensil before cleaning the surface completely. Warm water and a detergent or cleanser should be used for cleaning, followed by a step that includes white vinegar mixed with a small amount of water. Make sure the area is completely dry.

Good Old Baking Soda
After you clean up the spilled milk on a surface, you can complete the task with baking soda. Simply pour some dry baking soda on the area and sprinkle a small amount of cold water on it to hold it in place. Just let this stand for several hours or overnight then clean it up thoroughly. Vacuum cleaners work wonders with picking up this baking soda after it has absorbed the milk odor.

This same process can work with bicarbonate of soda (and other powder cleansers) If those retail products contain baking soda or other smell-absorbing ingredients, you can do a complete job of getting rid of sour milk smell. If the surface or item is fabric and has soaked up some of the milk, you may have to take an extra step or two to remove the odor and the stain.

Furniture should be washed with cold water and a good detergent. Bicarbonate of soda should be spread over the affected area while the fabric is still damp. This should be left to absorb odors and moisture for about 24 hours. It’s important to wash this area with cold water and detergent again, after cleaning up all the soda residue (this takes away the absorbed odors). Now it’s time to freshen the air, since you should have gotten rid of the source for the sour milk smell.

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