How to Get Rid of Springtails?

Springtails are pests, according to all the information available in libraries and from online sources. Not only do they fall into the pest category they exist in huge numbers. The large population might be the most disturbing thing about springtails, since they don’t seem to cause a lot of damage in our homes.

These little bugs like to gather in moist, unused areas of the home so you’ll probably discover them in the walls, in some parts of the kitchen and in the bathroom. They live on food left behind, eating it as it decays. They also feast on some types of mold and fungi, both of which are living matter.

Get Them Out
Common sense tells us that keeping the home clean, removing food debris and crumbs, is a good start toward getting rid of springtails. Making sure that 99.9 percent of the home is dry and uncluttered is also a good tactic. The best tools for starting the elimination process would be soap and water. This removes any potential food source. In addition, the detergent and water will kill some of the pests. But you probably won’t be able to get rid of all of them with the cleaning process.

What home remedies might help in your battle against these bugs? Good old vinegar, with its high acid content, will have more effect than soap and water. Bleach can also work in this manner because it is so hard on all living things, including household pests. If you can get to the “home base’ of springtails pouring vinegar or bleach directly on the nest will kill them by the dozen. Be careful not to overdo it and ruin wood, cabinets or flooring. Clean the area thoroughly and repeat the process when necessary. Keep a close eye on the humidity level in the home. Reducing moisture overall will help keep the pest numbers down as well.

Other Methods
If you need to take more drastic steps talk with a knowledgeable salesperson at the hardware store or someone with a pest-removal service. Commercial insecticides will be very effective against springtails. Products are available as a spray or in granule form so you will need to follow directions in detail to get the best results. The grains of some insecticide products can be poured over a large area. The fumes from this treatment can kill large numbers of springtails. It’s important to keep children and pets away from this insecticide so that there is no unintentional harm.

It’s also possible to have some success against springtails by spraying insecticides into areas where the pests are living and hiding. It’s best to use this when pets and children are not around, allowing time for the spray to dissipate over time. The person applying the insecticide should wear a protective breathing mask. Other chemical methods of getting rid of springtails include liquid products and powders, both of which work in a way similar to granules and spray. If the invasion continues after you have tried some of these methods you may have to call in a professional exterminator. Be prepared to spend some extra money for this service.

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