How To Get Rid Of Stalkers?

Being stalked may be one of the most frightening situations a person can be in. Even thinking or believing that we are being stalked will add a lot of stress to an otherwise peaceful life. Consequently, finding ways to successfully end stalking can be one of the most important things in life.

The techniques for getting rid of stalkers will be different of course when the stalker is a live person who actually follows a person around or makes unwanted contact, or when the person is one of the cyber-stalkers that have come onto the scene with the growth of the World Wide Web.

The first thing to do when you believe that you are the victim of a stalker is – tell someone else about it. This will provide emotional and mental support, in addition to adding someone who can also watch for the stalker and support you when you follow-up with law enforcement and the courts. After taking that initial step, it will be very important to try and remain anonymous as much as possible without completing changing your lifestyle. It is important to carry on with the necessary activities of life, for yourself and to show the stalker that you are not intimidated.

A majority of people carry a cell phone today. If you believe you are being stalked, make sure your cell phone is always with you and always ready to be used. This number should never be given to anyone outside of family and close friends who should have the number already.

As you make your way through the day, learn about places and times that might be potentially dangerous. Stalkers are usually very smart and plan carefully when they want to make contact with the victim. Remember that most stalkers have a high opinion of themselves and don’t feel they are wrong in what they do. This is often due to the obsession, which clouds their judgment. You may want to consider getting a medium-size or large dog that can be your constant companion. This will help deter a potential stalker.

One of the keys to successfully getting rid of a stalker is to make sure that you don’t give them the attention they are seeking. This means that you should not respond to their advances in “live” situations and should not respond to phone and email messages. This is very important because one of the goals of a stalker is to get your attention. If you respond they will feel they have made a successful first step.

When you talk to a psychologist or other counselor about a stalker, ask about the different types of stalkers that professionals have identified. Some stalkers are obsessed with an individual. This occurs quite often as men obsess about a particular woman. There are some who are seriously deluded and should be receiving professional psychiatric help. Others may be seeking revenge, which can happen with a former employee. Whatever the situation, it is never a good idea to completely ignore a stalking situation. Share it with family and close friends, but never with the stalker.

Written by Lucas Beaumont

Generalist. Wikipedia contributor. Elementary school teacher from Saskatchewan, Canada.

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