How to Get Rid of Swearing?

Learning to stop swearing probably won’t be as easy as getting rid of many other “things.” Human beings develop habits over a period of time. These habits are extremely hard to break. Swearing is much harder to “get rid of” than getting weeds out of your garden or removing stains from an article of clothing.

The most important part of this process is time. You will have to be extremely patient with yourself in order to break what may be a lifelong habit. In addition, you should realize that habits like swearing may have become comfortable over the years. It may actually make you feel better to swear, because you have been doing it for so long.

Start Here
Negative activity in human beings must be accepted by the individual. Denying that the situation exists is a sure way to start off in the wrong direction. If you can accept the fact that swearing is a problem for you, for your family and your friends, you have taken the first important step.

Next, you must remind yourself every day. The old trick of wearing a string around your finger might be just what you need. When you look at the string you will be reminded that you are in the middle of a journey to communicating without swearing. Remember, you must combine this constant reminder with the will to change.

Don’t do it Alone
Once you have committed to getting rid of swearing and have provided yourself with some way to be reminded each day, you should seek out a close friend or family member to help you work through the plan. Tell them occasionally that you are trying to stop swearing. Ask them to remind you once in awhile or to ask you about it. But make sure that the person doesn’t do this so often as to irritate you. Gentle reminders and comfortable conversation will work best.

Set a definite objective and let your assistance know about it. Then write down a few simple and achievable goals. For example, state that you are going to avoid using one particular word or a couple of specific words. Focus on them. Promise yourself that you won’t use swear words in a particular situation, such as when you are on the phone.

Commit Some Money
Try to use positive reinforcement to help you get rid of swearing. Put a dime, a quarter or a dollar in a jar or coffee can each time you use a swear word. This may seem like a negative step but consider the amount of money you might amass over a few weeks. When the money mounts up to five dollars or 10 dollars or some similar level, present it to yourself as a gift.

If you have accepted that swearing is a problem for you and establish some goals as mentioned above, you are well on your way to improving your communication skills. Look at this process as something that will be a major improvement for you, not just a way to get rid of a bad habit.

Written by Lucas Beaumont

Generalist. Wikipedia contributor. Elementary school teacher from Saskatchewan, Canada.

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