How to Get Rid of Tapeworm?

Tapeworm is not something that we hear about on a regular basis, at least not as often as we may have in the past. Dogs and cats still seem to be affected by tapeworm though the number of problems in humans has decreased significantly in recent years.

With this information in mind, we need to know how to get rid of tapeworm in family pets and, if necessary, in ourselves or a family member. The best way to “get rid of tapeworm” in humans is to prevent getting them in the first place. People might get the rare tapeworm from eating raw fish or other raw meat. The worm larvae live in and on raw meat. Freezing meat or cooking it well usually eliminates the risk for humans.

Tapeworms and People
First of all, keep your pets clean and keep your property clean of pet waste. Be sure children clean their hands and faces after playing with pets. Controlling fleas on pets is probably the best way to eliminate infection in humans. It’s possible that someone could swallow a flea after touching a pet. This may be the source for a tapeworm, though it is very rare. Medical records show that hunters and trappers might be at increased risk of tapeworm infection because of contact with mammals.

Tapeworm in Pets
Pet hygiene is extremely important for preventing tapeworm. Use a commercial flea treatment after consulting with your veterinarian. This will go a long way toward eliminating the original source of many tapeworm problems. Infected fleas tend to be the center of attention for infection of pets.

Treat your home and property after providing flea treatment for the pets. Clean and vacuum thoroughly. You should clean carpets with the appropriate cleanser or have them cleaned professionally. Getting rid of tapeworms in pets may be accomplished by the proper use of Droncit. The chemical name is Praziquantel. There has been at least one other medicine treatment that is usually followed by testing stool samples for evidence of tapeworm.

Tapeworms latch onto the walls of the intestines and grow to be several inches long. Occasionally parts of the worm will be passed on through the stools. Keep in mind that these worms need a carrier host, such as the flea or raw meat and they also need a final host, which in most cases is the dog or cat.

If you suspect tapeworm infection in a pet, see a veterinarian immediately. If you think you or someone in the family has a tapeworm, see your doctor immediately. The doctor should be able to provide proper treatment to get rid of tapeworm.

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