How To Get Rid Of Toothache?

Ahh, the toothache! It’s one of the most painful and annoying of human afflictions. Everyone has had a toothache at sometime in their lives, though some seem to suffer more than others from this common malady. While it is always wise to seek professional help with a toothache, there are some easy methods for reducing the pain on a temporary basis.

First of all, a person suffering from toothache should be sure to contact a dental professional to discover the cause of the toothache. Conditions that cause toothache can become a serious medical problem if left unattended. Many people use one of the over-the-counter medicines such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen. These pain-relievers are available with a number of brand names. This should not be the last step in trying to get rid of toothache, as they only keep the mind from feeling the pain. They do nothing to get rid of the cause of the toothache. Some people have had success with crushing a couple of baby aspirin, making a “paste” with a bit of water and applying it directly to the tender spot.

When suffering from a toothache, be sure to take note of what causes the problem. Some painful tooth conditions are made worse by contact with cold food or drink, while others are painful because of hot items. Some toothaches come from both. Most dentists want to know right away if hot items cause pain because this can be an indication of more serious problems.

Methods that might work as a temporary solution to toothache pain include gently biting down on a cloth. Sometimes this can temporarily relieve the pressure that causes the pain. This method can be combined with putting a cold compress or ice pack on the cheek to help remove some of the heat that is generated by a tooth condition. This should reduce the pain level for a short time. Sometimes using a hot compress in the same manner can help, depending on the location and type of pain. It is always wise to avoid very hot or very cold foods when you have a toothache, just as it is good to avoid foods that contain a lot of sugar or spices.

Through the years, human beings have discovered some natural remedies for tooth pain. Cloves and clove oil seem to work very well for some people. This is usually available at a local pharmacy as an over-the-counter remedy. Following the directions on the clove oil package should provide some relief.

All of these methods can work to help get rid of toothache, but in the end no one should avoid going to the dentist when in pain. Waiting for tooth pain to “go away” is not a wise decision. A dental professional can diagnose the cause of the toothache and then recommend specific treatment. This might include a filling if the toothache is caused by decay. Sometimes a tooth must be taken out to get rid of the pain permanently. In any case, never treat toothache lightly.

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