How To Get Rid Of Turkey Leftovers?

This subject is a bit different than trying to get rid of spiders, food stains or headaches. In this case we are trying to find ways to use turkey that wasn’t eaten at yesterday’s Thanksgiving dinner. If you have family and friends over for a holiday meal and don’t want to waste the leftover turkey, plan to divide it up among the guests as they leave.

If you still have some turkey left, you should immediately plan to use that turkey for sandwiches. With a piece or two of good bread and some mayonnaise you have a great sandwich for your lunch break at home or at work the next day. Turkey should be covered and kept cold so that you can use it for several days after the initial meal. Some people are even more creative and come up with a turkey-meat type of salad that can include nuts and greens.

Try Some Soup
Most people are familiar with chicken soup and many people consider it their favorite among soup varieties. But how many of us have thought about making turkey soup? If you have leftover turkey you can always make a nice pot of soup. Simply use your basic home-made chicken soup recipe and substitute turkey for the chicken. Basic ingredients might include celery, carrots or rice, depending on your tastes. You might also use that extra turkey to make a casserole of some type. Turkey can be quite delicious when combined with rice, corn or other vegetables.

One enterprising individual suggested using leftover turkey to make a tasty version of rice dish. She suggested frying some bacon until done but not crispy and cutting this into small pieces along with the turkey. With some diced vegetables included put the mix on a bed of rice. Another suggestion: shepherd’s pie using turkey. Chop the leftover turkey, put in mixed vegetables and gravy (if you have some leftover all the better). Put mashed potatoes on top and bake.

A number of turkey-leftover recipes recommend combining cranberries or cranberry sauce with the meat. This sounds delicious. Others have made turkey pot pie or even used turkey in meals with a Mexican taste. Turkey burritos maybe?

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