How To Get Rid Of Upper Lip Hair?

Most of the women feel irritated due to the upper lip hair. Now a day’s lots of treatment are on hand to get rid of these unwanted hairs. Before talking about the treatments, we first attempt to know why hair grows on the upper lip.

Genetics is the main reason; if the mother has hairs on upper lip then there is a possibility for the daughter also.

Usually the facial hair is normal but if they grow too long and thick then it will become a problem. The growth of facial hair varies from women to women.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS is a severe problem. It affects about 10% of girls during their reproductive stage.

Throughout the menopausal stage, the body hair can develop due to hormonal changes in women.

Hair Removal Options:

Shaving: Most of the women know that using of razor while shaving will make their hair growth darker and thicker. In this option the razor cuts the tip of the hairs and then the tip gets flat therefore the hair looks thicker.

Home Waxing: Home waxing is a good and easy method and it is less expensive. Heat the wax products in microwave and use them to remove the upper lip hair.

Bleaching: Bleaching cream will also help to hide the upper lip hairs. Be careful while using the bleaching cream on upper lip. First test it on the small area of your skin, if your skin get irritated then avoid using the bleaching cream as it may damage your skin.

Chemical Hair Removers: Use of chemical hair removers is very risky. Before using them on upper lip, first test them on the small area of your skin. While using these chemicals, stay in properly ventilated area to avoid getting faint.

Laser Hair Removal : This method of removing hair is not comfortable and easy. This method is also used for the removing of hairs on the legs, back, underarms, face, neck chest, breast area, abdomen and back. This method removes the upper lip hair permanently. Removing of upper lip hair is very risky both for men and women. They should use suitable method for the removal of hair like tweezing, plucking and creams. As you know that upper lip is a sensitive part of our body, if you want sure result of the removal of hair then consult a skin specialist. Many more hair removal methods are being used by men and women like electrolysis, sugaring and pulse light.

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