How To Get Rid Of Water Retention?

75% of the human body consists of water. The level of water is balanced in your body with the help of cells and tissues as they are created in such a way. But due to some unbalancing of these water levels some people may suffer from diseases like swelling and bloating.

Causes Of Water Retention

Sometimes due to problem in cells, tissues or other parts, water and other liquids gets collected in them. This problem of gathering of water is called Water retention. Bloating, swelling and problems with blood circulation and other functions of the body are the main reasons of water retention. Dire problems like pulmonary edema, cardiac arrest, or kidney failure may occur due to retention of water in the body.

• High Sodium Diet – To maintain an electrolytic balance in the body salt is required but excess of salt in the body extracts water from tissues and cells which leads to water retention. As a result other parts of the body get filled up with water.
• Low fiber diet – For proper digestion of food, your diet must contain fibers. Foods low on fiber like junk and fast food can cause water retention in the body.
• Prescription medicine – Another cause of water retention in the body is the use of medicines that have certain side effects. To avoid any chances that may lead to water retention the label on the medicine should be read carefully.
• Exercise – Water and other liquids may accumulate in the body if you do no or less exercise.
• Pregnancy – The lower body as compared to other parts of a pregnant woman can suffer from water retention. Swelling and bloating can occur due to the weight gained and the weight of the baby. This further leads to uneasiness.

Signs and Symptoms

Following are the symptoms and signs of water retention:

 Swollen parts of body may suffer from ache and discomfort.

 Limbs or body parts can get swollen and bloated.

 Inflexibility in muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons

 When the swollen skin is pressed then a mark or indention can occur on that part of the body.

Treatment and prevention

Medication prescription is required in most of the cases of water retention. Following are the ways to prevent and to cure water retention in the body.

To stop the water or fluids from collecting in the body and to have a proper circulation of blood, exercise is most vital. But in case of pregnancy, discussion with the physician is required before indulging in any type of exercises.

Diet Change

Diet should be adjusted in order to avoid water retention. Cells and tissues should contain water but they must not gather them:
• Increase in fiber intake – Obesity or malnutrition are the primary causes of fast food or the food low on fibers. Vegetables and fruits should be added in your diet chart as fibers help in proper digestive system which prevents water retention.
• Decrease intake of sodium – Excess intake of salty foods can lead to water retention in the body. Decreasing the amount of sodium intake helps in lowering water retention. But before adopting low sodium food, consultation of doctor is required.

Water Therapy
Water retention can also occur due improper liquid intake and dehydration. In order to achieve proper circulation and to have adequate fluid in the body six to eight glasses of water are recommended. To prevent water retention and dehydration, drinks like sodas, coffee and alcohol should be taken in reasonable amounts.

Consult Your Doctor
Consultation of doctor is required in severe cases of water retention as this may lead to problems like kidney failure, heart diseases or cases of edema which may appear as a threat to life. The doctor may advice medication or hospitalization in serious cases. With the help of above remedies water retention can be prevented as well as cured.

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