How To Get Rid Of Weasels?

When it comes time to get rid of large, furry pests you may want to call a professional immediately. Getting rid of weasels and other mammals is not an easy, quick process in most cases. If you have chickens or other small birds that might attract weasels there are a few steps you can take on your own before calling a pro.

One of the best ways to get rid of weasels is to trap them live. Traps designed to capture small mammals may be available from the county or local animal-control office. Place some raw meat inside the trap and wait for the weasel to go in and spring the door release. If you camouflage the trap with natural materials or camouflage cloth you will have a better chance of capturing the weasel.

Pest Removal
You may want to contact the animal-control agency right away or get in touch with a private pest-removal business. In fact, this may be necessary if you trap the weasel on your own. This will probably cost more than doing something yourself but it is more likely to be successful. Professional pest-removal companies might use traps as described above. This might be followed up with some type of lethal injection, similar to what is used with dogs and cats that are euthanized.

There are other ways to get rid of weasels, most of them less humane than live trapping. People who live in rural areas sometimes pick up a shotgun or .22 rifle right away. They wait quietly for the weasel to appear (even at night) and shoot the unsuspecting critter. This is often the choice for farmers who are losing chickens and money to marauding weasels. While this may seem to be a cruel method for removing weasels from your property keep in mind that shooting pests was quite common in ages past.

Other Ideas
As you think about the best way to get rid of weasels, be sure you are dealing with a weasel and not some other wild mammal. Weasels are aggressive and combative at times, especially if challenged. Other mammals may be even more dangerous, so make sure you know what animal you are dealing with.

Be sure you understand local and state laws covering pest removal, traps, bait and guns. If you can keep weasels off of your property with fencing, for example, you might give this some serious thought. Screen material that can’t be gnawed by a weasel might work. Talk with an outdoors man or hunting/trapping pro about leg-hold traps and box traps.

Getting rid of weasels can be a complex and frustrating experience. Even the professionals have to do a lot of things right to successful trap a weasel and dispose of it. If you have any doubts about doing this on your own, you might be wise to spend a little money and obtain professional assistance. Keep in mind that wild animals may be carrying infectious diseases. Be very careful when approaching them and handling them.

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