How To Get Rid Of Windshield Glare?

Windshield glare can be very dangerous. In the modern world, being able to see clearly when driving a car may be as important as anything we do. In fact, there should be no alternative to having a clean windshield and a clear view of what lies ahead.

Windshield glare can be caused by sunlight or headlight beams glancing off the hood, a tinting film on the window that has become dirty or fogged, scratches and so on. As you start the process of getting rid of windshield glare, make sure you focus on the real cause. The sunlight is just part of the problem.

Fixing Scratched Glass
It may not be possible to remove scratches or repair them completely but you may be able to reduce the negative effects with a few simple steps. Your first step should be a good, general cleaning of the windshield. A good polishing agent made for glass cleaning not only gets rid of a layer of dirt and hand prints it may also help fill some of the smallest scratches on the glass surface.

You can also use a commercial scratch “remover” to fill in some of the scratches. These substances fill in scratches and make the glass appear as if it wasn’t so badly marked up. You might accomplish much the same thing with a filler material (acrylic) of a spray product that is designed to “revive” your window glass. Most of these products also serve as a good cleaning product when used according to directions.

One of the persistent problems with windshields is the film of dirt and smoke that builds up on the inside. You should pay particular attention to cleaning the inside of the windshield with a good commercial cleaner or a vinegar/water mix.

Other than Glass
Sometimes you drive down the highway and turn slightly to find that the sunlight bounces off the hood of your car and blinds you with windshield glare. You might consider using a less “sparkling” paint to finish the hood of your car. This might be an expensive solution for windshield glare but it may prove to be a wise decision sometime in the future. High-quality, high-gloss paint jobs might look wonderful but they can contribute to windshield glare.

Drivers sometimes find that weak beams from car headlights can make it difficult to see. These weak lights can contribute to glare during rain or foggy conditions. Make sure the headlight glass is clean and replace the light if necessary.

If you have to make a decision between spending a little time and money to reduce or eliminate windshield glare and driving very carefully when peering around the glare you should choose to be safe. Spend a dollar or two and take some time to learn about the methods mentioned above. You may find that a simple step like cleaning the windshield more often and filling small cracks will get rid of windshield glare, making your driving experiences much safer.

Written by Lucas Beaumont

Generalist. Wikipedia contributor. Elementary school teacher from Saskatchewan, Canada.

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