How To Get Rid Of Yellow Jackets?

Plan to devote some time to the process of getting rid of yellow jackets on your property. You will have to be patient. You may have to live with a sting or two, though this can be avoided if you take all the correct steps. This stinging wasp can be a pest if the colony becomes large and the “jackets” begin to defend their home.

Scientists who have studied this little animal closely have found that aggressive behavior is more likely near the end of the summer and in early fall. Apparently the worker members of the colony have to try harder to find the sweet things they need to feed themselves and the little ones in the nest.

Hunting for Sugar
Yellow jackets are known as hunters who seek out places that provide sugar and other sweet items. Some of these yellow jackets might come into contact with human beings and pets more regularly than others. It’s these aggressive and curious individuals that we need to control or get rid of.

It’s not absolutely necessary to use insect poisons to kill all the yellow jackets that seem to be bothering you. If you don’t provide food items outdoors you should be able to discourage yellow jackets from establishing a colony nearby. Keep pet food, sweet food items, dairy products etc. inside and securely covered. This may be the most effective way of preventing yellow jacket problems.

It is also essential to keep trash containers closed and sealed. Yellow jackets seem to delight in finding their way into your outside trash cans and garbage bins. They will find the sugars and proteins in food scraps and remnants on packaging. Even the smallest hole or crack may provide a way for these fellows to get in and thrive. Be especially careful with disposal of soft-drink containers, syrup bottles and leftover fruit.

Keep Them Out
It is also very important to keep yellow jackets out of your home. You should not only keep them from getting into your kitchen you should also keep them from finding a home in the eaves, under a window awning or in a space near the roof. You may have to make a thorough inspection of your home, garage and other outbuildings then begin to seal and close up any inviting space.

It may not be enough to wait until cold weather slows or stops yellow jacket activity. If they have established a colony somewhere around your home you may have to call in a professional exterminator. You can also employ non-toxic traps to capture some of the yellow jackets. This won’t eliminate the entire population but it may have a strong effect on the overall number as you attempt to get rid of yellow jackets. If the situation is just too difficult to cope with you may have to try poisons. You can spray the yellow jackets and the nest yourself or call in a pro to do a thorough job for you.

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